The river Nanjiajie electric merger and reorganization will be the outcome of the 360 backdoor on Friday

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original title: Jiangnan Jiajie merger and reorganization will be the outcome of the 360 backdoor

on Friday

in December 25, according to the new latitude client Commission website 25 news, the Commission listed companies merger and reorganization of the audit committee in December 29th to consider the issue of shares to buy assets Jiangnan Jiajie elevator Limited by Share Ltd. The Internet giant 360 backdoor will see.

12 21 July morning, Jiangnan Jiajie issued a suspension notice said, December 20th received notification to the Commission, the Commission listed companies recently held a working meeting will be the merger and reorganization of the audit committee and audit of the major asset sale, replacement and issue of shares to buy assets.

after the closing date, Jiangnan Jiajie announcement that a major asset restructuring by the commerce department antitrust review.

Jiangnan Jiajie announcement said that recently received the People's Republic of China Anti-monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce issued a "notice" not to conduct further examination, as follows: "according to the" People's Republic of China anti-monopoly law "article twenty-fifth, after preliminary examination, the decision in Tianjin Qixin Zhicheng Technology Co. Ltd. acquired Jiangnan Jiajie elevator Limited by Share Ltd equity case further implementation review of the implementation of centralized can from now on. The case involves other matters other than the centralized antitrust review of the operators, and is handled in accordance with the relevant laws. "

A major asset restructuring

Jiangnan Jiajie referred to 360 backdoor.

11 2 evening, suspended for nearly five months of Jiangnan Jiajie disclosed the breath 26 announcements including the draft reorganization of assets, 360 backdoor listing program has finally surfaced. Announcements, Jiangnan Jiajie intends to sell all of its assets and liabilities, the purchase of 360 Polytron Technologies Inc 100% stake in the assets and issue shares. 360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi will directly and indirectly hold 63.7% of the company's equity to be the actual controller of the company.

11 6, 360 and reorganization conference held in Shanghai Jiangnan jiajie.

11 7, Jiangnan Jiajie shares resume trading, one out of the 18 trading board.

11 20, Jiangnan Jiajie shareholders approved the restructuring plan.

11 27, Jiangnan Jiajie received an administrative licensing Commission in November 24th issued a notice of acceptance of the application.

12 month 21 days, Jiangnan Jiajie disclosed a feedback notice reply.

According to

, 360 was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2011 and has a market value of over $10 billion. In July 2016, 360 on the New York stock exchange delisting, the completion of the privatization of delisting.

Jiangnan Jiajie is one of the main elevator, escalators, automatic sidewalks and other equipment company, nearly two years of business continued to decline. Jin Zhifeng, chairman and general manager, introduced in November 6th's briefing that the reorganization of the company's original earning capacity is weak, and its future development prospects are unknown. Meanwhile, it will be injected into the Internet related businesses with strong profitability and broad prospects.

shares, Jiangnan Jiajie in December 20 to close at 45.97 yuan / share, compared with June 9th (November 7th before the resumption of the last trading day closing price rose 422.98%). (in the new APP return to the Sohu, see more


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