Guangzhou property market at the end of the year is warming up a thousand sets of new houses for three weeks.

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the night view of a real estate in Guangzhou. Xu Qingqing's

new network in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, December (reporter Xu Qingqing) in 2017 only the last week, the property market will also usher in the official. According to statistics Guangzhou real king data center 25 released show that since December, Guangzhou building three consecutive week turnover steadily in more than 1000 sets the level of last week is net signed volume and price rise.

At the end of the year,

has always been the traditional peak season, and the real estate market in Guangzhou is also an active scene. Data show that last week (December 18th to 24) in the city of Guangzhou net signed 1732 units, up 33.13%, the average transaction price of 18413 yuan / square meter, 14859 yuan / square meters Qianzhou annulus rose 23.13%. December 11th to 17, the city signed 1301 sets, December 4th to 10, the city signed 1502 sets.

The number of transactions in the five suburbs (Zengcheng District, Huadu District, Nansha District, Conghua district and Panyu District) was 1208 sets, accounting for 69.74% of the total transaction volume, compared with the 940 sets in the previous week, the

increased by 28.51%. "One of the big east warehouse district of Zengcheng to deal with 536 sets of consecutive number one position, followed by Nansha District with 421 sets of second place.

In addition to the

District of Zengcheng Taoshu declined slightly by 7.59%, four outlying areas last week were recorded in different degrees of increase, which Nansha District rose the most, up 141.95%, followed by 23.48% 56.76%, 50% in Panyu District, Huadu District, Conghua district.

center six areas (Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Haizhuqu District, Yuexiu District, Whampoa  District) last week to deal with 524 sets of sets, the ring was up 45.15% last week 361 sets. The volume of the central area is still in the Whampoa  District, with 307 sets of third places in the city. It is worth mentioning that the Tianhe District dairy sector signed concentrated outbreak, become the center area of only two Taoshu Pobai area of.

In terms of

's average price, last week, the average price of one hand home in Guangzhou was 18413 yuan / sq m, and the ring rose by 23.13%. Among them, peripheral five fold 13748 yuan / m2, and the center of the six districts price of 41073 yuan / square meter. Tianhe's average price of 52227 yuan / square meter won the most expensive area, and the show was followed by 51600 yuan / sq m.

is worth mentioning, Conghua district since the first week after the first week in August after 5 months to break through 10000 yuan again, last week the average price of 11455 yuan / square meters.

Author: Xu Qingqing return to the Sohu, see more


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