Children's math is not good to fill the language? This is not a joke is true!

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original title: child math is not good to make up language? This is not a joke is true!


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- XX student mathematics test paper feedback

many children do math problems slowly or erroneous, parents think they are children's mathematical ability problems, and then let children keep doing problems, do problems and do exercises, but the effect is not always good. At this time, parents should consider whether there are other aspects of children's problems, which affect children's math scores, for example, ".

experienced teachers all know that children always do wrong or do slow, if after a long period of training is still not improved, maybe it is not the problem of mathematical calculation, but a question did not understand, or take a long time to understand what ask questions in the.

for example, a problem:

a team of middle school students went to a certain place for military training. They moved at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. After 6 hours, the school sent Miss Qin to catch up with the student team at 15 kilometers per hour to convey the school notice. How many hours can Mr. Qin catch up the team? How many ways have the team done when you catch up?

this is a very simple problem in primary school mathematics. This kind of application problem requires the children to be able to read the questions quickly, make clear the facts, and quickly judge that this is a question. Drawings, columns, calculations, and answers. If the child reads the problem, it can't quickly judge what a problem is, and it will probably affect the speed and success rate of the problem.

this reading ability difference when the amount is relatively small, or more complex, may not manifest; but when the quantity increase or increase the difficulty, this difference will be amplified, children's math scores will be opened.

to higher grades, actually the proportion of pure calculation has been relatively small, and the importance of Chinese language is more prominent. Many children, the math scores are often "drop chain" before and after the six grade in primary school. In addition to the gap of some mathematical abilities, the lack of language capacity reserve is also an important reason.

strong reading ability, can also enable children to have the ability to do the same. With application example, we often find that the same type of problem, through the explanation, the problem of children, but the problem is a change or a set of intermediate links is a bit more complicated, the child was ignorant, could not find a solution. What does that mean? It shows that the child does not really understand the essence of the subject. Therefore, the old knowledge can not be connected with the new situation, and the transfer and transformation of knowledge can not be completed. On the contrary, if the reading comprehension ability to keep up with the children, do a title to extrapolate, follow, not only can greatly reduce the burden of the child, but also enough effort.

What should

parents do?

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