Where is the tour of Hangzhou on New Year's day? Let me tell you

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original title: where is the visit to Hangzhou on the new year's day? Let me tell you

Hangzhou, the most widely recognized tourist city in the world, has rich tourism resources. West Lake, Xixi, the Grande Canale and Qian Tang River are all famous tourist destinations. Hangzhou is a historical and cultural city, resort to the artistic value in the city, more and more people begin to choose to live a special bed and breakfast. Today I want to recommend two West Lake side of the hostel, not only a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

Hangzhou - Mandolin Valley Garden Inn & Music Garden Restaurant

is located in the jade mountain road 86 Mandolin Valley Garden Inn, just a few kilometers from the West Lake border. To all the valley ethereal, clouds eyes, green Lin Yuxiu, the birds show flowers more static, when there is free shuttle in the courtyard between the squirrel.

here are the best sunshine, fresh air, and garden plants. Sitting in the yard and drinking tea and chatting with friends, passing a lazy afternoon, even if just still, will make you feel warm, relaxed and casual.


for each room is carefully prepared to give comfort a best answer, cloud word naming room really, as the name suggests, is like a rush into the clouds, no fortification into comfort in.

not only has the mandolin Inn, also has its own music garden restaurant, the environment is very beautiful, as long as it doesn't rain every weekend, there will be a singer singing. Here is the old creative dishes taste, is to treat your soul to satisfy your taste buds.

, sunshine, natural delicacy music, no less, and partner, mandolin Teeneger, "Tmall" and "Jingdong" is one of the most memorable journey in you. Imagine that every morning morning call is the two cute little baby to be responsible for, there is nothing to worry about.

Hangzhou B & B


is located in Lanjia Bay, adjacent to the qingzhiwu, backed by Jade Spring Zhejiang University campus, go out on the right hand side did not walk a few steps from the West Lake botanical garden, but also walk the distance. The backlight is the owner of the Academy of fine arts graduate of the interior designer, so each space here is full of sense of design, photography is absolutely fancier as well. Their space, sitting there not even pose also faces are large! This is a light tonal hut.

walked into the store, you will find that this is a fleshy fanatic of the small garden, lemon store beautiful and love to laugh, give people a warm feeling. She said with a smile: their main business is a fleshy, part-time care Inn... And... These retro gadgets, either fawn ornaments, or one will let people love the sound, or the old manual typewriter is addictive.


room is simple and warm, but it has the quality of a star hotel. Even if I know the bed, people can enjoy the soft package comfortably.

likes the night of Lanjia Bay best. Fade Yourenruzhi during the day, this time riding a car to go to the botanical garden, the mountain breeze blow; can also browse around, walked into a Home Furnishing house, only a few bites of Qingjiu; or the river walk, tease the cat. This is the reason why I like the place.

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