The hard swordsman game played by Huang Xiaoming and Xu Jiao was created by a female producer.

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original title: the hardcore martial arts game played by Huang Xiaoming and Xu Jiao is entirely created by female producers.

, when the market winds are chasing "eating chicken", there are a group of people who are quietly constructing their hearts. This is a page "sword hero biography" of the story, perhaps it is worth you to listen to this.

is a female producer, but the rivers and lakes of his group are not gentle

women game producer and her River

What is the

river? It's a man, a thing. It is a grudge, it is right and wrong. Is the chivalrous person, is love and hate.

everyone has their own mind, and the game producer is lucky. He can cast his heart in the game of martial arts and rivers and lakes to more people. "Sword hero biography" producer he Qun, was one of the lucky.

is still the industry rare female producer, but he Qun arena "is not gentle, but a continuous end of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. There is a serious shortage of resources, the rules collapse, the moral of the river and the lake do not exist, and the people are unable to do whatever they want. In this river, your only purpose is to live.

traditional martial arts game, arena will usually portrayed as a concubine Italian Lang feeling, gentle and fresh clothes horse angry, sister romance became the main melody of the arena, only the flowers and applause, there is no danger and the beast. The arena can portray the martial arts novels, is a yiyanbuge meet, the intrigues of the cold world.

"so we created a" sword hero biography "the troubled arena," he Qun says, she thinks, can show the dark side of human nature arena would be more realistic, more attractive. "After all, the knight errant is the adult's fairy tale".

How does

handset play hard swordsman

"sword God biography" is a "tough action martial arts". Different from the common ARPG Mobile Games, according to the skills of CD's "action", he and her buddies to the understanding of the action, and not fight Zhan Zhuang numerical skills CD is not good without brain release, but not the BOSS attack once determined again as the shadow follows the form, also cannot hide.

"no lock battle, at least let you can go to dodge off completely immune injury. "

stressed that even the experience of fighting, and similar games are not the same, the main idea is to control the enemy control skills, played a beautiful COMBO. If the enemy is in the control of the enemy, it can be forced to dissolve through the "explosion of gas" skills and fight against the enemy. "From the identity of the prey into the hunter, the rapidly changing situation on the enemy and skills of anticipation, can be said to be" sword hero biography "the greatest pleasure." He said.

How does the

hand tour realize the hard movement?

compared to the end of the game, because of the size of the screen, the way the operation is limited, the action game has a natural disadvantage on the mobile phone. Due to a combination of moves, "sword hero biography" the operation difficulty seems to be further improved. How can the game solve the problem that the newcomer is difficult to get on?

The practice of

project team is to use professional collocation and reasonable skills. The four professions of games are respectively characterized by their own characteristics, such as Wang Wang is good at free control, and instantly there are multiple displacement skills, which can travel to harass the enemy or fill up knives in group warfare. Based on this, game player can customize the combo, create a unique fighting style, even the same occupation, may also cause the custom martial arts routines, play a variety of different genres.

"no best moves, only the most suitable, simple combination skills to defeat the enemy. Skills like martial arts moves, if used properly, bad street can defeat Taizu changquan."

time flies, not far from the


players who focus on the game will actually know that the hottest game theme in the near future is "eating chicken". Martial arts and action game is nowadays hot, not to mention like "sword hero biography" such as hardcore action, this kind of "meteor butterfly sword" of the game fans may have above age, don't play Mobile Games.

but he didn't agree with the idea that "the pursuit of good games, I think it's all over the age, not just a handful of core players." And she said "sword hero biography" battle is the test of more game player battlefield and to grasp the enemy spell anticipation, and not in a certain period of time to make a number of key operation, in order to ensure the leisure game player and core game player can find fun.

The participation of

Huang Xiaoming and Xu Jiao has made many pan users also pay attention to the game

and the game player, may be more fun than from the game, he wanted to "sword fighting group" to create a "three-dimensional arena", by Huang Xiaoming, Xu Jiao starred in the movie of the same name, the same animation, will field plot series, to create chaos world arena atmosphere. For example, a movie of the same name

From: 黄晓明与徐娇出演的这款硬派武侠游戏 完全是由女性制作人创造的
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