26 years of the founding of the people's Republic of China: but no country recognise that now everyone is a "multimillionaire"

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original title: 26 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, there is no country to recognize that now everyone is "multimillionaire"

there are 193 countries and 31 regions in the world, and the youngest is the independent southern Sultan in 2011. Although South Sultan has been built for 6 years and has been in a state of poverty, at least, it has been recognized by the United Nations. But a country has been independent for 26 years, but no country has publicly acknowledged it. It has to be embarrassed.

Somaliland is a country which is not marked on the general map. In other words, the area of 176 thousand square kilometers, which has 3 million 500 thousand population, has not been publicly recognized by any country so far. It can not be found naturally on maps.

Somaliland is a real independent country, according to Wikipedia records: Somaliland in 1991 from Somalia independence, and to restore the boundary line before joining somalia. Since then, the elected government has been seeking recognition, but it is a pity that 26 years later, this wish still falls.

Somaliland is a long history but ill fated country, archaeologists have verified early Paleolithic humans living in this land, northern Somaliland city of Fortaleza Hargreaves outskirts still has a 5000 year history of the ancient buildings, enough to prove that the island civilization have emerged over half of somalia.

19 century, the British to trade by successfully entered Somaliland, and launched several wars in 1884 to conquer tribes and become protectorate of Somaliland in twentieth Century, the world would know Britain is facing the important strategic position in the Gulf of Aden.

in the next hundred years, Somaliland and England had five large-scale conflict, one of the most interesting is the first World War, Somaliland is still the German help independent area, but the results of the British meal after the bombing continued to rule. In 1960 the British government in Somalia Lanlie British protectorate, and subsequently ruled by a Italy United Somali Republic of Somalia.


1980, the massacre began in Somalia, which resulted in more than 200 thousand people being killed and nearly a million people displaced. This incident led directly to the late Somaliland's independence, but no country came to block it. In 1991, Somaliland was still one of the poorest countries in the world, with a per capita annual income of less than $300.

although Somaliland is not recognized by any country, Ethiopia and Djibouti in neighbouring countries have drawn the national boundaries with Somaliland. The ropes instead of the national boundary line is a bit ridiculous, but it is still recognized by neighboring countries and played a certain role. Although the neighbouring countries and the United Nations have not recognized it, Somaliland is actually an independent autonomous country.

Somaliland is a resource poor place, despite the sea but because there is no industrial base and leading to difficult, the domestic economy continues to decline, only rely on a Berbera port and agricultural support GDP. The inflation to rise year after year is filled with it, in Somaliland, almost everyone is a "10 million yuan level rich, the first time a lot of tourists in Somaliland were scared, $100 can be changed to the Somaliland shilling is the need for a sack containing anti back, can change a dollar peak to 15000 shillings.

devaluation when the government can not bear, just started to increase the printing amount and currency denomination, therefore, Somaliland's monetary value from 500 to 1000 to 5000, leading to more and more vicious spiral is not worth the money printing, more large denomination more worthless "...


is the most terrible, the people of Somaliland for their country's currency has lost confidence, have been selling shillings in exchange for U. S. dollars, even once the RMB exchange can be discounted, because the relationship between the neighboring Djibouti and Chinese are very friendly, some Chinese shops can also directly use rmb.

, if Somaliland is a sad country, I believe no one will disagree. Because most of the country does not rain for two or three years when it is dry, and it can drown several villages in flood season. In 2015 Somaliland had a big drought, leading to nearly a million and therefore had to leave their homes to the border of Ethiopia residents, due to the absence of any international aid Organization acknowledges that there is no reason in this country, only temporarily settled refugees in Ethiopia border.

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