Cold to eat noodles, this is very fast, every few days to eat a

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original title: cold to eat noodles, this is very fast, every few days to eat a

, I think every mother is a great family. There are too many things to manage. CEO, husband, child, three meals a day, four seasons clothes, household expenses, which need to worry about. If there is a primary school student in the family, it is not easy to send the children to school and prepare three meals and accompany the homework. And many mothers have to go to work. Some mothers could do everything without asking, do not cook, regardless of whether the child, heart day and night at the mahjong table fight, that should be the legendary "my mother is a useless middle-aged woman.".

my daily, much more than the things described above (but not playing cards). Most of the time, you can adjust the time, at least at noon to do the meal on time, the children can eat at home. But yesterday morning, I was entangled with a rotten thing. I finished directly to pick up the children. (the children in the small cities eat at home three times a day, and they go home for dinner at noon). Now they are coming home to cook now, they will be ready to eat and have nutrition, so they cook the noodles. A girl or a boy idea, also do not want to start. From children began to discuss what to eat, I said frozen dumplings can be cooked, have left Steamed Rice can fry, a children said to eat dumplings, a little girl said to eat fried rice, finally proposed as eat Youpo surface. Well, you eat Youpo surface, just freeze this wide and thick surface. It's too busy. There's always some stock in the refrigerator.

do Youpo face many times, a very popular to eat quickly. Because the children do not eat spicy, I improved the practice, the oil surface and Youpo surface combination, also cooked shrimp, never eat the boy actually said tomorrow to eat this meal. It looks really delicious.

main material: Noodle (to be thick, good face to do)

ingredients: onion onion green vegetables prawns

seasoning: salt soy sauce and white pepper vinegar pepper salad oil sugar


" prepare noodles, fresh noodles to buy home, and directly divided into small portions, frozen up, and cooked directly, just like fresh ones.

must be divided into small portions, it is more convenient to cook, and the frozen noodles should not be large.

prepared green vegetables.

prepares scallions and onions.

small wok pour oil into the onion and onion simmer scallion,

finally presents this state, and the fragrance of the onion is very beautiful.

with wide water from a pot, noodle, boiled water below, vegetables can be cooked in advance or cooked together with the surface.

will be ripe for shrimps. With shrimp to increase nutrition, traditional Youpo face is a bowl of noodles, but also can be used Fried Eggs, shrimp, stewed beef this kind of high energy food.

cooked noodles fish into the bowl, add soy sauce, salt, white pepper, vinegar, pepper, a little sugar (optional).


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