The man who loved the dregs was divorced and went to the battlefield as a babysitter. How powerful is the woman behind this "Fang Hua"?

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every woman, there is always a lot to say about love.

Eileen Chang had sighed, "see him, a heart low in the dust, but also in the dust out of flowers"; Xiao Hong also sad, "I was across the match, suddenly become ashes"; Lin Whei-yin said, "you are the world in April day".

when they say love, they will mention that he, the one.

and there is a woman different, she is more, like to talk about herself. She said, "yes, I will love, I am romantic."

this subject himself as a woman, is she.

2013, Feng Xiaogang found her, told a story in his art, he wanted to write her, turn it into a movie.

Yan straight, if I write, write my own story only.

, so there is the present "Fang Hua".

"Fang Hua" is a generation of youth, but also the broken, Nirvana and rebirth of her life.

first breakage:

" because of the glare of one eye, the joy of half life "


12 years old Yan first entered into the military, backstage, she wore a stubborn He Xiaoping.

when practicing ballet shoes, the soles are worn, everywhere is that pain of blisters, make her feel very difficult even to stand, but she pretended to be clear.

live too stubborn, stubborn love.

the bones stubborn girl, once fell in love with a person, is like Puhuo like at all.

when she was 15 years old, she fell in love with an officer.

the discipline of the army is very strict, and can't love it. However, the eye contact is also happy. It is also sweet to stop in a little bit.

in less than half a year, she wrote her love in a 160 love letter.

Liu Feng and Lin Dingding

in "Fang Hua"

but when the sweet story was found superior, the man like Lin Dingding, anxious to preserve their off duty, he found her out, and when. She gave out all the love letters she wrote, accusing it all because of her seduction.

, then, the review began, as Liu Feng had encountered, and she was interrogated over and over and asked to write the review over and over.

the former comrades began to spit on her and accuse her.

Yan's love and dignity are stepped on the soles of the feet, thousands of people riding in the past, they have to ask her, you know you're wrong.

she gets old almost overnight.

original in love, the most painful not to be loved, but he saw the hero, but the original is an ordinary person.

it was cold and thin but the heart, the life is high, low, or the bottom of the ground, all cold.

this is the first time the broken yan.

second broken

1979, Xiao Yan Geling with ears, went to the front, as a war correspondent.

From: 爱过渣男离过婚,上过战场做过保姆……这个《芳华》背后的女人究竟有多强大?
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