What kind of experience is it in the legend of the world's oldest restaurant.

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original title: what kind of experience it is in the legendary world's oldest restaurant.


catering industry is highly competitive and has a high elimination rate. Few restaurants have been able to persist for more than 10 years. If a restaurant can be passed on from generation to generation, it must have its own originality. Or because of its hundred years changeless also delicious, or because of its enduring architectural style. Come and follow the Klook little editor to see the old restaurants in the legend!

1. Austria St. Peter Stiftskeller-Das Restaurant

at the Salzburg restaurant, has a long history of more than 1200 years. It was built 803 years later and stood in St. Peter's monastery. After numerous rests and expansion, the lobby still retained the rich baroque style chandelier. Many scholars, poets, composers, clergy and aristocrats have come to visit here. Another feature of the restaurant is that a Mozart theme dinner is held every week. You can see the actor in the restaurant in Mozart's fashion and repeat the famous musician.

Pic www.stpeter.at


2. Beijing cheap workshop

is a cheap square, one of Beijing's most ancient Roasted Duck shop, shop Quanjude also a long history even more than. The only authentic stuffed roast duck in Beijing is provided here. Different from the Da Dong Hequan Quanjude Roasted Duck hanging furnace way, Roasted Duck stuffy furnace adopts a way of cooking without fire, when baked, to duck bore filling soup cooked inside and outside. Finally, the Roasted Duck crisp and tender, grease lock between pastry and duck, bite, gravy in the mouth burst, that really delicious moreish.

Pic www.bianyifang.com


3. Zum Franziskaner

, Sweden

's Zum Franziskaner restaurant in Stockholm, originally founded by the monk in 1421, is now a legendary restaurant in the city. After many times of renovation, the restaurant now keeps the beer brewing technology in 1421, and provides sailors, pubs and high-end restaurants for many favorite food tourists. There's a combination of German food and other European dishes. If you want to try a beer with a sausage and a roast pig's hoof in Germany, it's right to come here.

Pic www.zum-franziskaner.de


4. Honke Owariya

, Japan

, a dessert shop before the Kyoto restaurant, then sold Kyoto specially made buckwheat. All the ingredients in the store are cooked in the local spring water in Kyoto, so it has a unique taste. The great food here has been entertained by countless monks, shogunate generals and Emperor. If you are a Japanese material fancier, and have the honor to Kyoto, don't be wrong here in time, feeling a Japanese ingenuity produced might encounter some delicacy, royalty.

Pic honke-owariya.co.jp


5. La Tour d'Argent

, France

La Tour d'Argent is the name of Chinese Silver Tower restaurant is located in Paris, France V A has a history of 400 years of delicacy hall. In the city of Paris metropolitan delicacy, you can find in the row upon row of looking for a hundred years old, and the usual thin when eating pleasure is not easy. Just across the Notre Dame de Paris, you can see the new classicism style restaurant. You can enjoy the sanctity of the Notre Dame and enjoy a delicious French meal.

Pic Flickr@Room Reporter


6. German Zur Letzten Instanz

The Zur Letzten Instanz restaurant, founded in

1612, was a small hotel in East Berlin. In its long history, many government executives and famous artists including Napoleon, Beethoven and Murdoch have been received. This epoch restaurant is the witness of the Berlin wall during the Second World War. In 1963, the war ravaged by the reconstruction of the restaurant.

Pic zurletzteninstanz.com/de/


7. American White Horse Tavern


was founded in 1673, the white horse tavern, quickly became a mixture of fish

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