What do we pay attention to when we discuss the success of the "werewolf killing"?

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original title: when we discuss the success of the "wolf kill", what do we pay attention to?

"wolves kill" maybe you haven't played, but you must have heard. On holidays and trains coming home, on the table of the old classmates' gatherings, and even in the large number of people's blind dates, a large crowd gathered to start a game of "closing the eyes in the dark". Inadvertently, this seems to be popular in the small board in the crowd for more people to know the beginning of the game. When a party is recruited at a party, everyone's reaction is from "the game of precious circles, not playing, and not playing". "The wolf man killed" this game, gradually break through the small circle of the inferior wall, through friends and social and live broadcast.

's "werewolf killing"

from live and net ensemble to the public

"werewolf" comes from a man named "Mafia" of the game, after several extensions and adaptations, eventually we are familiar with "werewolf" version. In 2000s, young people in Chinese is rarely "werewolf" a place to live in, but this is the core of social games, in recent years has frequently appeared in people's field of vision.

let "werewolf" quickly jump up to the major search list hero is in recent years began to fully hot and live. In 2015, the "Lying Man" broadcast flag, panda TV "Panda Kill" and other anchor gaming reality show has on-line, the line will be "werewolf" to the line, let more and more aware of the charm of the game game player.

2016, the famous host Ma Dong mewe media launched a reality show star dinner "temptation", the first "werewolf" game introduced variety, through network ensemble of VOD and Betta live combination, rely on have enough appeal to young people in the circle of the flow of stars, the amount of nearly 500 million player's performance a first season ending.

Ma Dong presided over the "dinner" into temptation "werewolf", get the attention of many fans

as a social game, the greatest charm of "wolves kill" is the role playing and mutual reasoning in each game. In the "dinner" temptation, werewolf game player into all star game for having heard it many times, the effect would be invisible magnified 100 times. The game itself is just a set of rules, and the star big cafe that uses the rules of self - performance is a point of view.

This property of game

"werewolf" that it is a natural performer of the show, and a variety of network game live. The charm of the game in the dinner "temptation" was particularly strong, not only let the fans see the other side of the star, will let fans watching the film more than his eager.


star's performance adds a lot of

to the "Wolf Man" game

"werewolf killing" App dilemma: "online killing" is a fake demand?

in fact, "dinner" temptation for celebrity big coffee in "werewolf" game is very successful, not only for the red star network strength suction powder, also let the "werewolf" game usher in a concentrated outbreak.

2017 at the beginning of the year, all kinds of "werewolf" App "after dinner" the temptation of heat, let the game player to get rid of the shackles of time and props through a mobile phone, "Daily" werewolf "joy" werewolf various "werewolf" App come in a throng. The "Wolf Man" search index once rushed to the top of the card game, the same as last year's "Yin and Yang". According to the "werewolf" producer Hu Tianyu said, "at that time, although the werewolf is not dinner" to join the war, but the "Spring Festival" werewolf "App pioneer, rushed up to three or four days to live."

What is

that makes "wolves kill" App so crazy? Because the rule - free "Wolf Man" is a place that everyone can seize. The cost of development based on rules is not high, and the user is ready. However, the reality is cruel, "werewolf" App hot cool too fast, most App launched not long after the rapid decline in popularity, completely unable to retain users, finally only to end related services.

There are many reasons why

this kind of situations, such as some "werewolf" game he set the pay point, destroy the balance of the game, nature is abandoned by the user, but the most important reason may be many "werewolf" game is programmed with a set of online "werewolf" rules quickly App pushed to the game player, the scene without taking into account the line and surface to kill and kill the user needs are not the same.

as the "werewolf" dinner producer Hu Tianyu said: "online and offline" werewolf "experience is not the same. The "werewolf killing" under the line is basically based on the acquaintance of the relationship. It's a very good social scene to enhance your feelings. Online is different. Online is basically played by strangers. So you don't know the fixed habits of players who play together, so you rely more on logic and speeches to finish the process of werewolf killing and get the pleasure of logical reasoning. Although the two experiences are different, I think the core is

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