We must pay attention to the 12 most popular tourist attractions in China.

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original title: the 12 most popular tourist attractions in China, we must pay attention to it!

a trip that tells you to go, and to watch out for a fraud.


"cave" trap

has many so-called folk custom villages in Xishuangbanna. It is necessary that many people have met the local "wedding". When you are eager to try, you are unwittingly entered the set set in advance.

some tourists because of curiosity bridal chamber after the thing, often sleepwalk into the bridal chamber, this time don't pay enough not to think of the bridal chamber, fifty, more than one hundred. If there really is a good thing after the cave, there will be so many singles in the world!


beef sells

she has a beautiful forest dream, she has a light blue sea, her charming beauty, Jiuzhaigou formal tickets are tickets for 220 yuan, Huanglong tickets 200 yuan, 180 yuan Tibetan song and dance. In spite of this, there will be a few carefully designed scams.

the same thing, seems to be stained with the breath of Jiuzhaigou is more expensive, ordinary 40 yuan a catty of beef, in Jiuzhaigou, it is to spend 88 yuan.

will appear in every corner, silver necklace, silver silver bracelet with a silver flagon, as long as, in fact, these things are not made of iron, is made of copper. If the price is reasonable, it can be kept as a memento. If the price breaks through the upper limit, it is advised that the small partner will be sure to make it clear.

Mount Emei

burning incense is

Mount Emei is located in the territory of China in Mount Emei city of Sichuan, "show the world" reputation. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai "Emei higher than Western Heaven", "Shu many mountains, admire Mount Emei eclipses". In Mount Emei there is a perennial misty rain started falling. Diffuse Mountain Cloud changes, the Mount Emei decorated very pretty and charming.

there are so natural beauty can also let a lot of people in order to Yidufangrong, thousands of miles around and there are people with the mission to save map, so long had the opportunity to meet such a thing. You may hear: "you can go to the Sichuan Buddhist Association Moumou Buddha LST please Buddha, where revenues are donated to the Buddhist association.

can be safe and good. " Don't be moral kidnapping, do not think God will bless you, God will not because you buy a statue of Buddha will confuse truth and falsehood.


Tibetan people home visit more

many people yearn for Shangri-La, but can you enjoy your beauty when you are watching carefully for various traps?

to Shangri-La, the tour guide will let tourists visit Tibetan folk houses, feel Tibetan culture, and then the Tibetans home visit. The home visit of the Tibetans is actually a commercialized act. The admission fee is one hundred yuan per person, in front of you will be a pure white hada like Indonesia Roast Chicken, plus one hundred yuan per person, do not want to eat.