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original title: remedial teachers touch three girls thigh was found after

mercy: I'm a bastard.Original title:

remedial teachers three girls thigh and touch privates was found after kneeling down to beg for mercy: I am!

says that teachers are engineers of the human soul and the most brilliant career in the sun. However, Guizhou is a teacher, he is ashamed of the doings. Xiao Xiao, a daughter of Guizhou Xiao Xiao, had been making up lessons in Miss Zhang, a training institution, and one day, her husband suddenly received a crying phone call from her daughter.

Shaw: "the girl calls my husband and she's crying." I called her back at once, and she told me. " This emotionally excited mother is Xiao Da Jie. She told reporters that since she received the phone call from Xiaomin the night before, her mood has been difficult to calm down. So what did Xiao Min say to her? Ms. Xiao said her daughter Xiao Min, 18 years old, is a junior high school student. Zhang, a teacher who has given her lessons, is a training institution. That evening 9 o'clock, when Mandy make up the class to leave, an unexpected thing happened.

Xiao: "she said, today, Mr. Zhang gave me a lesson. When make up the class together, she went back to school. As a result, he went to the little pavilion next to him, and he said to sit here for a moment and take a rest to talk about his heart. When I sat down, the girl had a distance from him. The girl's original word was to tell me that, and he came. He touched her thighs. He said you did not know that Mr. Zhang liked you from the first sight of you.

followed, Zhang made a more unusual thing about Xiao Min. Ms. Shaw: "he touched and touched the place that should not be touched. She pushed him away. He said Mr. Zhang could give you a kiss? "

Shaw was amazed at what she heard about her daughter at that time. Ms. Xiao recalled the moment, feel the heart than the knife flesh to pain. Ms. Shaw: "I had been bored for a long time, and I couldn't speak. I sat there all at once, and I didn't speak for a long time. I can't help tears at home. "

it is understood that the 34 year old Zhang graduated from a famous university, and already marry and settle down. Xiao Min has been following his schoolwork since junior high school, and it has been four or five years now. Ms. Shaw never thought it would happen.


and her daughter finished the phone, Ms. Shaw contacted Zhang immediately. Ms. Shaw: "he told me on the phone. He said I was wrong. I ask you not to call the police. Please forgive me. How do I forgive you? I want to ask you, how can I forgive you? "


, Zhang and Ms. Shaw met at the request of Ms. Shaw. Sister Shaw: "I can't restrain myself to draw his two ears. He said Sister, you don't call me a teacher, I don't deserve, I'm not a person. That's what he said. I'm a brute. That's what he said, and he knelt in front of me. "

in order to prove his statement, Xiao called the two people who saw the scene at that time.

Tang master: "let's take a look at the car. He acknowledged the mistake and said that I was mistaken, and I saw the elder sister slapped him in the face. Master Zhang: "he knelt to the elder sister. He said he touched her. He did admit it, too. " Since this happened, Xiao Min's mood has been unstable. In order to give her for an argument, Ms. Shaw chose the alarm, the police immediately Zhang control. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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