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Chinese tourist Thailand "pull the elephant tail" exasperated the elephant guide to save the man to be killed by the elephant in response to the police

as long as you remember your name, no matter where you are in the world, I will go to see you.

-- Preface, "your name"


Feng Yi said He Yongjie, who was 7 years older than her, was a hot body. He was always hot and hot in winter, and she had to hang his feet outside the quilt. From 19 o'clock at 10 o'clock in the evening, I would like to say goodbye to T3 terminal building at Chongqin Jiangbei Airport, and meet again at 23 o'clock in the afternoon about 4 o'clock in a strange hospital in Bangkok. The hot body has become cold. Feng Yi think again hug, kiss again, but she is not afraid of the hot tears, let people can not feel at ease.

let the heart collapse, just don't stop sleeves brew storms on rivers and seas, wipe the tears. Hand in hand, the last time gently grasped the lover's long cold arm...

23 day, Feng Yi went to the Bangkok police general hospital to see her husband's last eye


Feng Yi's eyes glances at the roof of the hotel room. Only when he recalls her husband can his eyes return to the reality of a foreign country.

recalls the past, and Feng Yi's mouth can smile and laugh, as if the man was in her eyes and was beside her.

Feng Yi recalls that husband He Yongjie is very punctual. Other passengers usually arrive at the airport three hours in advance for insurance purposes, but He Yongjie always arrives at the airport 5 hours ahead of schedule. At 9:30 on the evening of 19, at the rush of her husband, Feng Yi drove his husband and the same group tour from his family to the T3 terminal of Jiangbei Airport for the first time to a foreign tourist mother, grandparents and uncle. It was 10:03 at the airport when it arrived at the airport, and it was nearly 5 hours away from the flight.


got off the train, Feng Yi told his mother and uncle to take care of their grandparents. "I know his family. I'm afraid that my family is giving him trouble abroad, so he explained it to himself alone and took care of his family." Feng Yi said that because the car parked on the roadside, worried that she stopped for a long time may have a ticket, so hurry with the mother, Grandpa grandmother hugged and heard to say: husband with jealousy "don't you hold me?" Feng Yi turned around and hugged him, and then drove away from the airport.

did not want to, the more common but embrace, farewell, is their lifetime last hug, became their farewell.

20 morning, Feng Yi had returned home to sleep. That night, after the flight delays He Yongjie using a mobile phone in the online purchase of digital painting a Shinkai animated film "your name" covers the theme of the 20 day, Feng Yi woke up to see the husband's message, they paid 48.9 yuan, bought the painting. He Yongjie is ready to take the last tour group home in 2017 and fill the canvas with the colorful ink.


20 day, the digital oil painting board that He Yongjie bought on the Internet has arrived in Chongqing.

he "love" your name ", took me to see several times; he love to eat Chongqing, rivers and lakes Hot pot dishes, and dirty Ciqikou; he love football, is a big fan of Liverpool, said that Russia will take me to watch the world cup, went to England to watch Liverpool play the ball; he love to travel, we have an appointment, at least a year to go to two places, or the like; he love lively, love life, always want to make life colorful......" Feng Yi recalls.

, with her lover away, all the pictures that remain in Feng Yi's mind, like the order of washed cards, are shaking and shaking in front of her eyes.


He Yongjie was born in 1982. He is a dog of the zodiac. His father is also a dog. He Yongjie and Feng Yiyuan plan to have a baby dog in 2018. In that case, the three generation of the family is a dog. When He Yongjie was in the outer band, Feng Yi's daily life in the home was somewhat flat, and the two days of the 19 to 21 days were not the same as usual. 2 hours ago, more than 3 p.m. on the 21 day, she was still talking to her husband on QQ.

From: 在泰遇难领队妻子:杰,我来带你回家 此生不想再来这片土地
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