[reform reference] this school in the United States has no homework, no exam.

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Khan Lab School (KLS) was founded in 2014. It is a famous entity college founded by Khan college, located in California, USA. Salman Khan, the founder, once said that everything in Khan laboratory school is in the laboratory stage, but the deeper meaning of establishing this school is to make a revolution. As a school, there is no teacher lecturing in class, and more than half of the time is allowed for students to arrange freely. Children of all ages mix together to complete tasks. The most amazing thing is that students have never had any homework and exam .

A day of



> it can be seen that in KLS, more than half of the time is arranged by students, which will not happen in other schools. So, what kind of change did KLS bring? What kind of experience is it in such an innovative school?

's self - learning

as a "teacher"

> Everyone 's a teacher, Everyone' s a student.. '(everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student). Compared to the traditional school by the teachers to the unified layout of the learning task, KLS students should be their own "teachers". "Our content is completely personalized, depending on the situation of the students." In KLS, students can choose their course content according to their pace. Taking language lessons as an example, students can freely choose English, Spanish, German, Chinese and other languages.

in KLS, the traditional subject learning mostly depends on every student's tablet computer, according to everyone's progress, learning by oneself. In class, they through their own chromebook according to their choice of learning content in the same space, and teacher exchange form as a "pop-up" popup, meaning when there is a problem, the teacher will "pop" to help answer the question "/span>.

, on the other hand, teachers will not make fixed learning plans and goals. Students talk with their tutors once a week. Tutors will give advice. Teachers just ask them questions, such as why you want to do this, but ultimately they set goals for themselves. In fact, personalization means that students can manage their own learning and learn according to their own pace. sometimes, the teacher will also assign some tasks to the students, but according to the individualized teaching, the teacher will give different degrees of students to different tasks.

obviously, in KLS the role of the teacher is no longer a simple "preaching by the industry FAQ, but more inclined to" consultants". The teacher does not have a lot of lectures, more like an evaluator, a consultant, or a coach. For KLS, the key to the teacher, in addition to the professional knowledge, is to take the students as the priority and know what the problems are to be asked to the students.

KLS" is not according to age or academic ability, but according to independent ability, it is called "independence level" (independent grade). KLS believes that this kind of mixing age can promote collaboration and effective relationships among students, not competition. Older students learn how to teach younger students through regular interaction, and both of them can give and receive feedback.

project learning

closely connected with hot issues

will learn best when students' experiences relate to their lives and global affairs. therefore, KLS has adopted the hottest concept of education in the world - the Project-based Learning (PBL). Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic classroom teaching method, in which students explore real life, enhance environment and virtual environment, so as to get a deeper understanding of their head materials. For example, the students' PBL study, "how to live on other planets".

in this project, students should pick a celestial body and make earth , so that they can be used for human life. In order to make their learning environment, each group will design a space suit that will help human beings to live on the basis of the celestial bodies they choose. "We need to let students know the key issues of the future and what it looks like," says Course Consultant Sophie Hussenet.

in the learning process of this project, the students of the independent 2 level will begin to realize the temperature

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