PSN Christmas special benefit open "blood source" 60 percent off "Wizard 3" half off

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The last shopping Carnival of

PSN port in 2017 finally arrived at the expense of everyone else's servers, but it doesn't matter. This time there are a lot of fun games clearance sale, thinking "this is the last time this year after the hand cut, open the Alipay wallet, payment for the favorite game!

this Christmas discount included numerous works, although the deep micro transactions storm but still outstanding masterpiece of "Star Wars: the front 2" half off, in Egypt drone warriors Assassin "Assassin's Creed:" on the origin of twenty percent off, could not help shouting the best in all the land but missed a game of the year "goddess ibun 5" twenty percent off.


is not good quality of fire "Middle Earth: the shadow of war" in thirty percent off, Miyazaki fans roared old fast sequel to the "blood" of sixty percent off, every time the discounts are enlivened by "GTA5" half off.

Poland big ass conscience "Wizards 3 edition" half off film version of the game, experience the mysterious sea bought is earned ": the complete works of Drake's" forty percent off, "a series of final uncharted 4" forty percent off.

and other "South Park", "pioneer", "dust" and "Batman: Arkham Knight" and "battlefield 1" also gives a fairly good discount, to take advantage of game player last year at a discount to start it quickly! return to the Sohu, see more


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