This small city, driving abroad only need 1.5h or French style, even Feng Xiaogang chose it to film!

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original title: the small town, driving abroad only needs 1.5h or French style. Even Feng Xiaogang chose it to make movies.

harborer yesterday went to the cinema to see "Youth", after reading just want to say, this is the most afraid of Feng Xiaogang after the transition the heart of films, because in different background, the same I saw (of course this is a harborer people see).

so, crying watching harborer decided to write a "green" in the viewfinder of the ~

this is Mengzi, Yunnan.

mafengwo from user @pingyy

Mengzi city of Yunnan province is one of the city is under the jurisdiction of Honghe Prefecture, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, is the center of the city core area of yunnan.

"" green "shot in Yunnan Mengzi bisezhai

bish Zhai Cun Cun railway station

Mengzi is the first stop bisezhai stations, the rich French style building not only because of the passage of time and fade, but also adds a unique flavor, precipitation and human history of the brilliance of intertwined, even if it can shuttle back to look from a torrent of time small clock.

"" green "shot in Yunnan Mengzi bisezhai

mafengwo from user @

with the wind

mafengwo from user @Lillian

South Lake Park

from mafengwo user @ Jinjin music rice

first, it feels particularly relaxed, no city oppression, and not so noisy, this is especially suitable for life. I go out for a walk every day. I like a place, and I'll walk around, in this place in Mengzi, I've gone. "

from mafengwo user @ bean Prince

South Lake in Mengzi, like a lake in Kunming, West Lake in Hangzhou.

but not a lake without a story "small park", here is the birthplace of the real bridge, and then southwest university professors and students often gather, only these two points, it is a public city park seckill.


town of

Minnesota town, is located in Datun beach, is a town of yi. The small town is quiet and peaceful and the environment is beautiful, but the unified planning of the building does not lose its national style.


users from mafengwo Sheng

the former residence of Mr. Wen Yiduo

in the center of Mengzi lake near the original Greek brother Kalos Matheson two floor. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Peking University, Tsinghua University and the Nankai University moved to Kunming in the spring of 1938, and the law was set up in Mengzi in the spring of 1938

From: 这个小城,开车出国只需1.5h还是法式风情,连冯小刚都选它拍电影!
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