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original title: 4 boudoir companion for 63 years: each family does not lock the door at any time to wipe the rice at any time,


source: urban express

city express, yesterday 11:22, Mr. Pan WeChat metropolis express: we are in the Tiger Hill Road 29, Yu Huang Shan community, the same unit 4 ladies are eighty or ninety years old, the body is healthy, life is very happy. Is this very rare? The old houses are all on the first floor to the two floor. They have been living in the dormitory building since 1953, and have lived there for sixty or seventy years. I don't think they can find such a thing in Hangzhou.

photo left: 89 year old Wei, a 88 year old Fan Genzhu, 88 year old Fu Fengzhu, 93 year old Zhang Xianghe. On the right, the old neighbour who lived in the old house came back to see the old neighbour in the small building, and the young lady in the back was her daughter. (photo taken by a young lady's Companion)

in the vicinity of the Eight Diagrams field with a unit within the park, lived four old, all female, their average age is 89.5 years old, are the original gate power plant employees, in the same building as a unit for 63 years.

this may be the oldest old neighbour in Hangzhou (from 1954 to now).

these four old ladies were all taken care of by their sons.

they households do not lock the door, who did not cook, can go to another family dinner, the old wall door life.

give us a micro letter Mr. Pan, 68 years old, five years ago moved to Binjiang to live, but there are still worried about him, everyone called him "arlene". On the day of the winter solstice, live in homes for the old neighbor back the grave, just as the sun that day, old neighbor daughter saw four old men sitting in front of the house, he took a photo of the old man made a circle of friends, see the hair touched, Alin, feeling a lot, immediately sent letters to WeChat.

1:30 yesterday afternoon, Arlene traveled from Binjiang across the river, came to the tiger Jade Road No. 29 power plant 2 dormitory.

there are 8 buildings, 28 corridors and 156 families. There are more than 200 residents, many of whom are eighty or ninety years old. 47 elderly people over 80 years old, 4 elderly people over 90 years old.

5 Building 5 building wall door, sitting two old people, an iron chair and a cane is the mark of two old people, and the other two old people? One is watching TV upstairs, and one goes for a walk in the Bagua field. They have no habit of taking a lunch break.

Alin took me upstairs, this is a su (Soviet Union) building, two storeys high, a staircase two households, bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet are separate, a total area of 53 square meters, from the side to climb the stairs side, the last century at the beginning of 50s, the house is referring to the Soviet style building the stairs, used now so strong...... They are the first to use the toilet of Hangzhou residents, became the envy of the dormitory, now Hangzhou city is listed as cultural relic protection buildings.

leaned down and looked carefully, and then beat the stairs, with a mahogany floor, gleaming on foot, very thick, no noise, Alin say that when they jump down from the 14 steps are not sound, handrails are wide and strong, when they were young when the slide to play.

is not like "old break" here, more like an antique in the south of Hangzhou.

two floor west room of the old man named Fu Zhufeng, 88 years old, she is watching TV in the bedroom, the son Han uncle 67 years old, live in the living room, is called their friends, he said: "we have here so many doors in the walls, some moved away, some walk, from 1954 to now, for 63 years. Only this, we four households did not move...... "


67 year old Han uncle to take care of her 88 year old mother Fu Zhufeng, every day in this tough walk up and down stairs, he is also happy. Reporter Jin Jiejie

Han uncle and his wife after retirement, to take care of his mother, he said four people here are very united, never quarrel, today my family didn't cook, to the wall door where home to eat a little, even the doors are not locked into the power plant, the dormitory, you see the red armbands uncle aunt who are is willing to safety management of the hospital, several friends came in and said to you: residential, there are always several pairs of eyes staring at you, ask you where to find, who asked a capillary Le, where dare to thief.

Han introduced his mother's habit of living about the same as the other three old people:

gets up at 6 in the morning, eats breakfast, sits at a few times at home, goes downstairs at 9 o'clock, chatting, eats lunch at 11:30, eats well, goes downstairs to sit and chat, doesn't move, sleeps, and eats dinner at four or five p.m., he sleeps.

From: 4个闺蜜相伴63年:每家每户都不锁门 方便随时蹭饭
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