16 chef's personal holiday guide! Can this be the same?

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original title: 16 chef's private holiday guide! Can this be the same?

BON APP e TIT site has recently made a new year special, discloses 16 chefs private love feast!

so, what do they eat?!


Linton Hopkins

C. Ellet "s

in Atlanta

__ caviar with French fries!

what is it, which restricts the idea of" Jie Jun ", making process is very simple. ladle up the Mott caviar in Florida with the Pearl mother spoon, put it in the rose colored antique glass tray , and match the Eugene homemade fries and the clabber cream, then can enjoy directly.


Meherwan Irani

__ India - flavored Christmas turkey?

Meherwan Irani, which grew up in India, really experience the tradition of American festivals, or because of the importance of wives and their families for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and crazy .

such family dinner will not be "Christmas turkey". To make this classic dish look delicious and not firewood, is not an easy thing, but his secret is and four times of black pepper, fennel, cumin, and Turkey baked to fragrant crisp smooth .

(Chai Pani India spicy roast pork chop)

03Ashley Christensen

Poole "s and Rowley

__ hidden in the restaurant nerd

the design style of a restaurant that embodies the food aesthetics of the chef team. The Poole 's restaurant combines a clean aesthetics with the charm of retro, and vaguely reveals the scroll breath of .

this restaurant host Ashley Christensen and his partner Kaitlyn, love the most festive way is not to eat a delicious meal on the table, but the puzzle on the table. The 1000 pieces of jigsaw are too much for them

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