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What does it mean to explore the history of your own DNA? why can a person be a unique self in the vast sea of people?


" where do the guests come from "before CCTV, can be said to be an underrated work: it tells the story of" finding the root story "with some celebrities as samples. They visited dozens of places at home and abroad, salvaging their family's private history of generations or even dozens of generations, trying to understand themselves in the history, and explore the unknown themselves.

can even say that a man has lived a lot of life before he experienced this world.

"you" was born, the body will carry enough information, such as the ancestors where, in the history of heterozygous blood, whole body all...... this would all be recorded in DNA, and then continue to continue into the fresh blood, born out of you.

tell a real case.

current gene detection techniques can be used to analyze human origin and ancestor migration routes through DNA.


is inherited from an early Homo sapiens in Africa about 200 thousand years ago. she is called "Mitochondrial Eve".

about 60 thousand years ago, little cloth's Homo sapiens left East Africa and began a great migration journey.

in the period of this period across the Suez narrow to the Arabia Peninsula, through the differentiation and migration to the Central Asian region. The D haploid group of small cloth, which is currently distributed from north to Siberia and east to Japan, is roughly the proportion of 15-20% in the Chinese population.

this is the earliest human like Lucy, Australopithecus restoration

> extension, DNA can also be used to "find relatives". The 23 magic cube, a famous gene testing company, provides a service to help users find people with common DNA fragments, who may have the same ancestor. Get a pair of lovers, really may be lost for a long time and distant.


look at the ethnic minority elements of Xiao bu. After all, thousands of years of history have witnessed several national integration. Therefore, a nation's ethnic composition is far more than the single identity card:



she can be said to be a living specimen of a national fusion. Before this, she may never know them flowing blood Tungus groups. The Baikal Lake originated in the ancient ethnic group, is good at hunting and fishing, with a distinctive face.

to measure these conclusions, it is necessary to use the data of DNA. finding DNA is not so complicated, it can be extracted from about 2 milliliters of saliva.

uses the 23 magic cube to provide genetic testing service . After receiving the order online, it will receive the saliva collection kit. It will be sent back to the testing center when the home is completed, and it will be viewed through App for about 20 working days.