"Almighty hand" Liu Tao in 17 years even as a make-up party?

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WULI Tao sister because Almighty life skills on the hot search, not only a good cook, amazing, massage is also amazing wow, however, perfect Tao sister also has bug, after 17 years, even the makeup is not!

Liu Tao filed, but the well-known in the entertainment industry desperately Niang, a year has made 18 film;

spread has a "husband debt" story, three years 400 million debt.

such "strong" data in the eyes of the world, it can not help people feel that Liu Tao is a perfect "female strong man!" In fact, Liu Tao has indeed played a role in many "strong women", or "female elites".

in recent years, she successfully portrays "Nirvana in Fire" intelligence alert, bold and crafty Wizards of female handsome neon Phoenix monarch, with Nei potential.

there are people in the play and strong "Ode to joy" Andy, she is the cold beauty beauty, tall outstanding temperament, senior business elite returned; she accurate formula for personal independence of conduct, knowledge and mass speech and deportment impressive, although there is a lack of feeling in however, her ability is perfect!

on Sunday CCTV arts channel hit variety show "national treasure", Henan Museum keeper Liu Tao as "zhenguanzhibao" owl statue Fuhao, vivid interpretation of the Shang Dynasty female God "good life story, once again let the audience feel a female valiant and heroic in bearing.


in the program at more than sugar, also show her perfect life small expert talent, or "capable" image.

cooking skills full score! In the first quarter of the "Dear inn", the space of busy cleaning, easy to make a hand grab cake! First of all is the husband Wang Ke eat.