A "biography of the demon cat", bombing a big wave of cat slaves and dog control

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original title: a "demon cat biography", fry a big wave cat slave and dog control

being aggressively "demon cat" in recent years, is probably the only one to "cat" as the clue of costume large.

and fantasy, although it is paradoxical Yijingyizha, but the whole movie is is not open around the little black shadow......

this black cat leads the poet and the little monk to the gorgeous and cruel truth of the feast of bliss thirty years ago.

the audience will find that the cat is not a clue, but the protagonist.

even in the publicity material, there is a cartoon cat version of this cartoon that can't be rejected.

this film specially invited a paycheck expensive "cat actor" Luna, the Chen Feiyu group had caused heat exposure photos, he is also responsible for the care of Luna into the group to help the daily.

after all, the soft fur and small pads, even the mysterious temper is lovely.

in the birthday party Li Chen asked her to marry this year, there were four cats on the candy cake and dessert on the scene.

maybe because of this one reason, Xiao Bai's sister is enjoying a higher level of treatment than Bing Bing:

Fan Bingbing entered the group beat "win the world", Xiao Bai's sister not only accompany with the company...

Bing Bing also took her little white sister this year, on the cover of the three monthly magazine of fashion COSMO.

but Bing Bing's cat family, the best treatment must be little white sister, but the best fashion resources are not necessarily.

one called "ugly brother" meow star people as early as 16 years of grace alone, with Bing Bing filmed ELLE film.

is more than female stars such as Fan Bingbing, even now busy lianzhouzhuan Hu Ge, also put their own cat with GQ.