[misunderstandings] are sufu, stinky tofu and fermented bean healthy? The answer is... 99% Jiangxi people do not know!

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Chinese diet culture is extensive and profound

tofu milk, stinky tofu, fermented bean...

so varied the taste of the fermented bean products

is human to taste,

or problem food?


bean curd

after mold fermentation

antioxidants are beneficial to Alzheimer's disease,


increase of soybean isoflavone activity, antioxidant

soybean fermented into pickled tofu, soy isoflavones increased antioxidant activity, enhanced can scavenge free radicals and prevent lipid peroxidation of on cardiovascular disease also have certain preventive use.


lower cholesterol

Sufu containing unsaturated fatty acids, without cholesterol. The experiment shows that Sufu has the effect of reducing cholesterol and is more healthy than high cholesterol cheese.


protein utilization increases

the protein contained in soybean is hydrolyzed by microbial enzymes, which produces many small peptides and free amino acids, which are easy to digest and absorb.


B vitamin increase, prevention of anemia and Alzheimer's

due to the interaction of microbes, pickled tofu vitamin B2 content after dairy products than , tofu also high 6 ~ 7 times; vitamin B12 content after animal liver.

Sufu has a major disadvantage: the is salty, and the sodium is too much. Only a small amount of food, or low salt Sufu juice after the reentry.



after fermenting and drying

thrombolytic first bean, nutrition can be compared to beef

black beans fermented black bean or soybean as raw material, after washing, cooking, cooling into the VAT after fermentation, salted, dried and finally, divided into two kinds of salt. fermented black bean for the elderly benefits, internationally known as the " nutrition bean" , not only Kaiweixiaoshi, expelling wind and cold, but also the prevention of cerebral thrombosis and senile dementia.

nutrition and beef is almost fermented black bean, fermented black bean protein containing 39.3% beef, 22.7%;

needs to be noted that the fermented bean can not eat more, not more than 50 grams a day. If the salted bean is added to the cooking, the should be reduced by .

stinky tofu

fermented by big bean curd

smell stinky, eat up

does stinky tofu have nutrition in the end? there is a rumor that the "Stinky brine" of making stinky tofu is "fecal water" and "chemical agent". Is it true? > of course not! "the modern production of" Stinky brine "has microbiological and quality monitoring.

stinky tofu can be divided into two kinds: fermented and non fermenting according to the technology:

fermented stinky tofu, fermented on the basis of tofu, stinky

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