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original title: The Babysitter in the case of arson should not be only death penalty and tears

the evil person is sentenced to 20 years or a hundred deaths. Innocent people were sentenced to no life and could not be released for life.

Ti media note "font-size: 16px;" >: today recommend this article, there is only one reason, technology development progress, still can not be replaced by any individual life value, and a country a social health. This is not only a social problem, but also the root of human exploration of the world and the respect for life. For example, the nanny in the case of arson should not be only the death penalty and the tears. The following is the author's way of life. The source is ID:tooyonglife. The titanium media has been authorized. It has been authorized by the titanium Media Editor

CBD high-end community, more than 20 million of the intensive repair price, the nurse deliberate arson, mother and child death.


those who do evil are either sentenced to 20 years or a hundred dead.


160th days after the fire. This is the farewell that Lin Shengbin has to face.

the tomb is Lin Shengbin personally pick, Xiao Zhen and daughter Yang monument erected in the middle, and a breakdown of the Tamarix TungTung on both sides. Lin Shengbin said, let the two sons protect their mother and sister.

inscribed eight words on the tombstone: this life is shallow, and the afterlife is continued.