Even the fairy sister can't leave it! The same day dry explosion, can only help you to save these good night rejuvenation mask!

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original title: even the fairy sister can't leave it! The same day dry explosion, can only help you to save these good night rejuvenation mask!

I have to admit that I am old, holding a thermos cup every day! Drink this water or feel that you have to do the original explosion! The drying of the body can also be "appreciating". The dry skin and dry lines on the face are really embarrassed. This resistance is unworthy of me as a big face made of mixed skin resistance.

well, we are also a mix of skin care beauty ring, how can let oneself fall down! "To do mask, while the red weeding word-of-mouth network mask, I don't believe so much illness go up and!

to talk about this mask is really a belly word than the effect of skin care mask is more immediate to


Cleopatra later, in order to keep the appearance, she used to smear egg white on her face in the evenings, dried up and formed a tight film on her face. She washed up in the morning, and the skin on her face became soft and tender, and it kept the youth shining. It is said that this is the origin of modern popular mask.

Chinese Tang Yang, she used the special modulation mask: pearls, white jade, the amount of grinding into powder, mixed with lotus root starch mixed paste Fuyu face, wait a moment, and then wash away. Say is to be able to whiten, remove wrinkles, glossy skin.


what first aid mask used by the little sister? That's so great!

here, is it!

Dior living Yan Siyue nectar Firming Mask

price: rmb1350/6P this is a ladies facial mask, soft paper film contains high concentration of nourishing ingredients and pure safflower Lily nectar. It is suitable for the lack of tight, tired and dim skin. Only 10 minutes of intensive repair, skin can instantly get high efficiency moisturizing, skin color is brighter, skin is more plentiful and smooth.

attending the activity is her, the skin is tender and smooth, the state is good to fry! I believe this is the effect of a good skin care mask to

but to tell the truth, after all, is the star of stars, we ordinary people can not stay up late every day make-up, filming, the night, what the rapid weight loss, so that a year like Fan Ye mask 700 records we see good ~ < / span>

we still need to choose suitable mask types and ways according to our skin and needs, so that we can get the best results.

knocking on the blackboard 1 mask how to apply

in the end

From: 连神仙姐姐都离不开它!干到原地爆炸的天儿,只能求助这些能拯救你一夜回春的好面膜!
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