The old man hand carved, the burning of wood, a large set of rural actually sold 15 yuan a

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original title: rural old man hand carved, the burning of wood, a large set of rural actually sold 15 yuan a

mahogany wood, wood delicate body fragrance of the ancients called "Xian wood", saying there are evil spirits in the folk mahogany, mahogany people made all kinds of small accessories, with red silk tied in the child's wrist, or hung on the neck to pray for peace. Do these small ornaments to perennial peach peach, and the best in Chaoyang branch.

on a large set of some elderly people around a wood hyacinth man, waiting to buy he just made wood hyacinth.

the old man was using the knife carefully cut a piece of dry wood skin, he said do mahogany jewelry must pare the mahogany soft outer part, made with hard wood inside the gourd to wear for a long time, only beautiful light oil.

peeled peach sticks in small lathe, car into uniform equal calabash. Then the old man's fine sand paper grind it fine and clean.

this is the old man's gourd, the old man said it was filled with cinnabar, which sold 5 dollars one.

this gourd is exquisite, the Hulu waist is a movable wooden ring, which sells 15 yuan one.

mahogany Zodiac cattle, horns in front of a pair of feet apart, unyielding look, lively and vivid, lifelike. See the old man to do this a lot of thought was Zodiac cattle.

I said I also like to catch up, but I met your old man for the first time. The old man said, "I also often go to the collection on the side of mine, but it is very annoying to collect 10 yuan for a stall, and I prefer to catch up with some small collections, and some do not collect money."

old man said that now she has no hobbies in her old age, she likes to do some handmade things. Every day she goes to the market in the surrounding countryside to see the liveliness, which is much more interesting than playing cards and playing mahjong at home.

is mahogany with gauze cloth until the old man, repeatedly polished as smooth as a mirror. The old man said that the wood itself is not worth money, I do not careful, do not sell to people I do not mind at ease.

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From: 农村老汉巧手雕刻,烧锅的木头,农村大集上竟卖15元一个
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