The Chinese county is relatively clear to the five county of North Korea, and the Korean women on the other side are clearly visible.

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original title: the county of China is relative to the five county of North Korea, and the Korean women on the other side clearly see

Changbai County is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, south of Changbai Mountain, on the right bank of the upper reaches of the Yalu River. Two pole distance of 92 km; South South Point Village, north to North Korea 3 points markers, 68 kilometers north and south pole distance; across the the Yalu River and Democratic People's Republic of Korea River Road, a city of five, relative.

Changbai County on the other side of the North Korean city of Huishan, North Korea is rich, early in the morning will see the Korean women use jars to take water in the Yalu River. The Yalu River is not wide, all in front of the scenery. The border is along the open road and across the viewing platform, very close, can see their houses and fields, the smoke and the occasional daily life.


lived in Changbai County for one night, the difference between the two sides of the Yalu River was more obvious after the night fell, and the landscape lights of the riverside streets indicated the position of the Yalu River. The river side of the other side only lamps and candles of a myriad families, little light.

The surrounding

Changbai County, also have a lot of fun places, Wangtian'e scenic area is located in Changbai County, fourteen road ditch town, 45 km away from the county entrance area, is a national 3A class tourist area, national Forest Park, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, the Provincial Geological Park in Jilin, the upper reaches of the Yalu River National Nature Reserve, Jilin Province, the best tourist attractions is the ecological tourist area of sightseeing, leisure and vacation, and in one of the drifting expedition. Along the way, a glimpse of the North Korean border scenery at the same time, can visit the "natural barrier, aircraft Ling Gan Gou Zi tombs, threshold whistle, stars, ludaoyuan, Shimen lake, cockscomb Xiufeng" landscape.

park is located in the Changbai County, Changbai Korean Autonomous County is the only Korean Autonomous County in Jilin Province, is the highest elevation Park in northeast area, altitude 894 meters, an area of about three square kilometers, is a set of tourism, exhibition, entertainment as one of the comprehensive recreation area. Tashan called ridge Changbai County Tashan park is divided into the mountain, and the mountain watch entertainment tour, visiting two most. In addition to the mountain children's recreation facilities, you can also watch the deer, sable, black bears, deer and other animal, the introduction and cultivation of greenhouse in 200 kinds of rare flowers everywhere.

from the Changbai County, can also go to Changbai Mountain tour, county Jietuan, 8:30 in the morning by the county bus (below) to the southern slope of the Changbai Mountain scenic area, the main tour: echelon landscape, carbonized wood formation, the Yalu River Grand Canyon, EVA love song, yuehualin wonders, alpine garden, the border with China monument, Changbai Mountain tianchi.

to Changbai County the best season is in the autumn, but the winter in Changbai County people are also good, want to travel friends do not miss. return to the Sohu, see more


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