In 2017, these ten things changed the trend of mutual gold industry

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original title: in 2017, these ten things changed the mutual gold industry to

mentioned 2017 of the Internet financial industry. What would you think of it?

is the hot events emerge in an endless stream, as the parent case, ICO chaos, P2P platform, Lu Jin storm, run away if the cashless society, the United States listed platform tide, hot cash loan and interest soaring shop listed storm, bitcoin......

is a strong regulatory signal is clear, direct, mutual kill Bank gold rectification extension, gold exchange product line, financial work, meeting set the tone for the ICO and virtual currency supervision storm, cash loan regulations......

is the industry development of new models, new changes, UnionPay flash pay, then push cloud network available, mutual combination, and the gold giant bank payment letter of sea, establishment, rise of artificial intelligence......

no matter what you think, at the end of the year review of the most fascinating, it is quite the opposite event parallel staggered in the same period of time, like the wings of a butterfly gently waved, and exert its far-reaching influence, force change of the industry trend. The following are the ten events selected by the author.

1. humiliating case

The case of

's mother humiliation was in April 2016. In February 2017, the sentence was sentenced to life imprisonment in February 2017, which caused widespread public concern. The case of insulting mother is a typical tragedy caused by violent collection in private lending. It's a major turning point in the field of mutual funds, which is triggered by the early matting of related hot events, such as campus loan chaos and naked bar events.

4 months, the regulation promulgated "on the" cash loan "business activities rectification work notice", usury and illegal collection has become an important concern; in May, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Procuratorate issued "on the handling of violations of the law applicable to a number of personal information in Criminal Cases Interpretation", after the crackdown, many personal information transaction behavior big data company checked, collection industry experienced a short period of shuffling......

at this time, 's cash loan business "usury" and "violent collection" hat are firmly put on. A crowd of cash selling platforms also has the original crime. Only when the time is ripe, a storm will come.

2. financial work meeting set the tone for the strict supervision of

In the month of

7, the national financial work conference held a tone of "strict supervision" and "risk prevention". The "good days" of the whole financial system is at the end.

finance must serve the real economy and eliminate invalid idling. Internet finance is located in Inclusive Finance, and it should not be involved in the big financial area. Investor protection has been raised to an unprecedented level. Where there is risk, there is a shadow of regulation. The shadow banking system ushered in the new regulation of information management. ICO and virtual currency trading were banned. The draught of cash loans ended. The third party payment once again ushered in a strong consolidation of unpaid payments.

under the supervision of chaos nowhere to hide. the "good days" of many financial institutions are at the end of the day.

The public opinion

after the

3. interest shop is listedAfter the

humiliating case, the negative entangled campus loan has become an industry taboo topic, and the trend of the public opinion of cash loan is becoming more negative. Interest shops started on campus loan, listed on cash loans, and recruited black physique. Some inappropriate speeches were published after listing, and soon they were in the whirlpool of public opinion storm.

humiliated the mother case, the sky is cloudy, the storm will come; after the storm, the cause and effect matures, the storm is coming. October, fun shop listing, the wealth effect of envy others, with original voices of doubt; November, issued a regulation to suspend payment of Internet small loan license, cash loan supervision suddenly upgrade; in December, cash loan issued new regulations, the industry lost the air......

There are many potential problems in the

cash and loan industry. Supervision is going to happen sooner or later. The storm of interest shops has greatly accelerated the process, so that the whole cash and loan industry is caught off guard. After seeing a lot of cash loan practitioners, more or less, they are all resentful to the interest of the interest store. But, what can you do about the pig teammates?

If the storm

4. Lu JinIn

7 months, an unconfirmed WeChat screenshot brought a reputation crisis to Lu Jin. A few days ago, mutual gold remediation office issued a notice called "around the Internet platform in July 15th before the stop and cooperation of various types of trading venues suspected of illegal business policy to break the red line increment", after the large scale representative platform Hongling venture announced its withdrawal from the net loan industry, Lu Jin also shelves of some illegal products. Interpreted by people unknown signal potential crisis, triggered a "debt - run" frenzy.

actually, the crisis is not what Lu Jin has, it's the whole P2P industry. P2P investors have frequently been stimulated by the platform running news, and lack a sense of trust in the industry. Despite the temptation of high interest rates are continuing to invest, psychology is very fragile, not by any large wind sways grass can not survive, platform.

In the month of

12, under the pressure of filing, the head platform opened the way of "go to just match", and began to cancel all kinds of risk savings and investor protection mechanisms. But, because of lack of investor confidence, the debt crisis in front of Lu Jin

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