Who did it in the end! A "graffiti village" discovered here in Xiangan, called the Xiamen version of the rainbow village!

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original title: who did it in the end! A "graffiti village" discovered here in Xiangan, called the Xiamen version of the rainbow village!

old Xiamen,

more than one more favorite scenery line of Wen Qing, fashion, novelty, full of vitality,

that is a landscape graffiti that brings another flavor to old Xiamen.


or playful, or funny, or retro, or art, whether in the streets, in the corner, or in the distribution box,

there is no sense of violation and, more part of the beauty of life in Xiamen.

this time, follow this Xiamen graffiti with King shrimp,

> not only does Wen Qing love, you can't deny the ~~~~

Xiamen Hibiscus tunnel


Xiamen University has a romantic beach, beautiful campus, Furong tunnel more of a mensao.

almost everyone who has a college campus experience can find a resonance here.


lotus tunnel, 1455 meters in length, is full of students' creative graffiti on the walls of the tunnel,

a lot of graduates are "the work of blood".

this tunnel is known as the most popular and most literary graffiti tunnel in Chinese universities,


the graffiti works of all kinds of contents on both sides of the walls of the tunnel, colorful, different forms, some paintings are abstracted,

some paintings are more meticulous than paints,

many contents and students in Xiamen University several years of life, relates to the school building, campus scenery, friendship and love.


fun: Xiamen University, South Putuo, and Baicheng beach.

, top Australian cat street


in recent years Xiamen has become the most cat culture city, and cat culture is becoming a local feature of Xiamen. And the top Australian boy has become the most concentrated and concentrated cat culture. The top Australian young cats street, can be said to be a cat heaven, cat lovers to enjoy. This street in the old campus between Xiamen and Nishimura Polytechnic, and Nanhua road across the street to the South Siming Road, graffiti theme and adorable cat cat street, attracted many passers-by stopped to watch. Flipped kittens, good ~


on the wall of the commercial street, wire pole, even the doorway or windowsill of the snack shop,


around fun: Cat Museum, Nanhua Road, Zhongshan Road.

of Longshan Wen Chuang garden in Xiamen


sunshine spread down the road on both sides of the growth in the little star between any wanton. If encounter flowering, tree flowers bloom to the extreme, will let you immediately in purple romance. Instead of looking up, maybe you can meet with the Paris fashion designer. Such a dream scene not just a vision, in Siming District across the Straits of Longshan culture creative industry park.


as a Xiamen

From: 到底谁干的!翔安这里惊现一个“涂鸦村”,堪称厦门版的彩虹眷村!
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