Foreign media: bitcoin will hit $60 thousand next year and then there will be another crash

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original title: foreign media: bitcoin will touch $60 thousand next year and then there will be another crash

TenX, co-founder and president said: "I think bitcoin will soar to $60000 a point, but I also think bitcoin will fall to $5000." The aim of TenX is to make it easier for people to use virtual money.

"so the problem comes, which is the first thing to happen?"

Hosp's forecast means bitcoin is either up $45000 at the current price - or down by $10000. It also highlights the volatility of the world's largest digital encrypted currency.

with extremely volatile > assets

after climbing to a record $19800 in mid December, the price of bitcoin collapsed on Friday. In just one day, the price of bitcoin fell by 1/3. After a brief fall to less than $11000, the price of bitcoin has risen again, recovering some of the lost ground.

according to Coinbase news, the bitcoin trading price was $15185 on Tuesday.

in CNBC "Squawk Box" program, Hosp said: "for market experts, this is actually a good low." Hosp said that, considering the "danger" of the price of bitcoin in the past few months, the industry had expected the price of bitcoin to fall back.

Hosp said he was sure that the price of the bitcoin would fall again.

he said, "sure, but the price will not happen now, but in the long run, we will always see that the price is going up and down."

finally, 'cold winter' is coming to

Hosp compared the current market comparison of special currency interest to the Internet bubble that began 20 years ago. Hosp warned that there could be a combination of digital currencies in the future.

"I don't think the cold winter of digital encryption will come in the next few months, but if put in 1 to 2 years, there will be huge compression on the market."

"I don't think it will happen, that is, the bubble of digital encrypted money is broken and everyone loses money. What I think will happen is that all the small, low - value, digital money or assets will be eliminated. "

Hosp then goes on to say, "capital will flow into the digitally encrypted monetary assets field that can really provide value, use new technology and be used by people."

Hosp does not show what kind of digital encryption currency will be the longest, but he pointed out that the market will reduce the number of compressed digital encryption currency.

"I think more of bitcoin as a digital gold, not a currency that people use every day." return to the Sohu, see more


From: 外媒:比特币将在明年触6万美元 随后会有另一场崩盘
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