How can the Chinese students go to the United States when the H1B visa is tight in the US?

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President Trump announced his first national security strategy report at the White House in December 18th. In his speech, Trump placed China and Russia in the rival powers. In December 20th, the Senate and Senate passed the largest tax reform bill in the United States since 1986. Small McCain is of concern to a series of policies Trump what are the advantages and disadvantages of the students today share the visa policy, for coming to the United States, what are the effects of reading science students?


Trump took office, had said during the campaign the slogan seems to tighten immigration is a was implemented, and just recently released "national security strategy report" is through the tax reform movement, is not really small, so a series of policies recently in the end of the students have what effect?

Trump released his first national security strategy report

after he took office

Trump in speech

photo source: Washington Post

12 month 18 days, "Washington Post" news release, the president of the United States Trump issued a "national security strategy report" document in December 18th, and put forward a new policy: in order to prevent the theft of intellectual property and foreigners visa restrictions, and the foreigner refers to the United States to study science, engineering, math and science Chinese.

description of visas in the file,

photo source: Washington Post

See the

file Curve Wrecker Jun shivered, this is naked for Chinese ah!

if Trump before action is to restrict immigration, such as students, in April this year, Trump signed an executive order requires federal agencies to re-examine existing employment immigration law, in order to carry out "the Americans" policy.


policy is no doubt a big blow to foreign students who want to find jobs in the United States. Try to hire Americans as much as possible, that is to say, it is harder for foreign students to find a guaranteed employer. We may just add some work experience, but people are afraid that you can't leave you and seize the job opportunities in the United States.

, this policy is more violent. It's almost naked to tell you that the Chinese who want to learn science, technology, mathematics and Engineering in the US are better off.

China has been the largest source of foreign students in the United States for 7 years, and such a policy is too unfriendly.

however, in view of this policy is issued by Trump, Curve Wrecker Jun many not so unexpected, after all, after he took office, according to the employment and immigration little students stopped.

coming together to see a series of new policies to influence a student Chuan Pu:

's visa to the United States has become more stringent,

from the beginning of February this year, the United States began to Chinese visa applicants from the mainland random telephone survey, and the survey was conducted in 1 to 3 days before the interview. The survey will involve the study plan, the cost budget, the major, the curriculum, the graduation plan and so on.

Another major change of

is that the original sign "48 months after the expiration of the US signature" can enjoy the interview free renewal service, and now it is shortened to "12 months' maturity" to enjoy the interview free renewal service.

exaggerated, the Trump administration has passed a strict review of the new regulations on visas. According to the new regulations, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide the visa passport number, all the past 5 years the social media account number, email address, telephone number and the 15 years of personal information, including the last address of residence, employment and travel history.


officials decide that certain information will be valid for identification or more stringent security reviews, they also have the right to ask for additional information.

to go to the students to study in the United States, be careful of their actions.

OPT visa may be cancelled

in addition to the visa difficulty increase, more tightening of visa policy. Trump had threatened to "buy American, hire americans". In order to implement the command, action is one of the tightening of visa.

first came to the type of visa to go to the United States. When foreign students go to the United States to study, they usually apply for two types of visa, one is the F-1 visa for full-time students, the other is the J-1 visa for exchange students and visiting scholars.

, according to the previous law, a full-time student who holds F-1 visa can work in the United States for 12 months after graduation. That is known as OPT (Optional Practical Training) visa. Part of the professional OPT time is very high.

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