The new activities of the LOL country have been made by players. What are these plans for? Is it so short of money?

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original title: LOL country's new activities were given to players: what are these plans for? Is it so short of money?

By the end of the year,

has seen many games activities. But for the national costume, actually there are many activities every month. For example, the moonlight raffle won't be less than three kinds. And the lottery has not finished over there, and another new activity is online.

This activity is called

Teemo financial plan, look like money, indeed, but this activity has been a lot of game player tucao.

In fact,

was a good one, and then charge coupons to send coupons, then return through a few months, the maximum charge 500 to send 500, can be very good, but, but, but! A lot of players think this eating thief is ugly!

below is a number of excerpts from a number of Internet users:

  • is this not a way of web games?

  • The
  • decline still doesn't stop

  • at the end of the year to flush the performance, so that our year-end award is a little more beautiful

  • This is online
  • with those Mobile Games what card a card routines you, saying LOL to Tencent to make enough, even if the other fire is also more than this game, but also eat the

  • estimation is planning next year out to a ruthless fishing by the year-end bonus to the successor to pit

  • with this activity also forced a mall limited killing me

  • Why is
  • Teemo financial plan? What is the relationship with Teemo. (T-M financial plan)

In fact, the reason that the

game player pit, because the coupons can only be used for the game's store consumption, if the skin of some half, then it can be purchased in 75% off, of course, if there is some time or what the skin package is relatively cost-effective, but this point is not ticket lottery, can not participate in the Arena Master, so many game player is still quite inconsistent. The most important thing is that many players feel that there should be no hot chicken hand travel in LOL. return to the Sohu, see more


From: LOL国服新活动遭玩家吐槽:这些策划哪找的?这么缺钱的吗?
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