After three years of hard work, you have to be a subordinate for the undergraduate students. This group of figures put 2 million 380 thousand people into the heart

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has just passed, new year's Day is coming, and the more grand spring festival is still behind.

, the students looked forward to the winter vacation, and the office workers expected the year-end awards and promotions, and the graduating Postgraduate Party members seemed to be the most entangled group in the society.

2018 national graduate entrance examination exam in December 23rd this year, to 25 sunset under the curtain. Statistics from the Ministry of education show that the number of applicants is 2 million 380 thousand this year, up 370 thousand from last year.

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" for these 2 million 380 thousand people, new year's day and Spring Festival holiday may be waiting for the initial test results in the apprehension, and most of the students have identified employment or go abroad for further study. Once again on the way to change the postgraduate exam, the track to resume looking for work, the difficulty and pressure is greater.

expands enrollment in Colleges and universities, and the "college student" sign is no longer valuable. Now, has become the natural choice to raise employment competition and start salary. But when it takes a lot of time, energy and money to study, is it really rewarding?

after each small (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that a group of digital Mycos Institute shows that 2012 undergraduates working after three years the average monthly income of 6402 yuan , and the 2012 who choose to continue graduate studies, after three years to come to find work postgraduate. The average monthly income of 6206 yuan, even lower than the undergraduate students.

worked hard for three years. After graduation, he entered the job and found himself as a subordinate of his undergraduate students. This is not just a paragraph, but a real possibility of existence.

, but it is not advisable to take a blind entrance examination and deny the idea of "reading useful". In 2016, the annual report on quality of employment of college graduates released by Guangdong province showed that whether can improve employability and salary level, or , can not be generalized. wrote that candidates should rationally treat the current graduate ", avoid short-sighted suit, and should be chosen according to the professional colleges and their own interests and abilities, valued graduate career in life long term benefits.

this year the number of graduate students grew 20%

, according to the data released by the Ministry of education, this year, the number of applicants is 2 million 380 thousand, compared with last year, an increase of 370 thousand people, an increase of nearly 20%. In this, 1 million 310 thousand candidates, 180 thousand more than last year, 1 million 70 thousand of previous candidates, 190 thousand more than last year.

, combing the number of postgraduate entrance examination in many provinces, found that the number of postgraduate entrance exams in Hubei, Liaoning, Hunan and Hebei all hit a new high. Taking Hebei as an example, 120 thousand and 500 people have registered in the whole province this year, 17 thousand and 500 more than last year, and the number of registration and the increase of the increase are all at a new high of . In addition, the increase in the number of graduate students in Sichuan has reached 45.87%. In the face of this year's increasing number of applicants, has added 6 college examination points and 15 affiliated examination points in Sichuan province.

"postgraduate enrollment source: China Education Online

from 2007 to 2016, the enrollment plan for graduate students increased by 6%, far below the number of enrollment. competition for postgraduate entrance examination became more intense . In some colleges, there are professional applicants for examination. Only Beijing has 12 enrollment units such as Peking University and Renmin University of China. The number of applicants has been over 10000, and has reported more than 40:1.

after each small (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that this year for an examination of candidates for the 45% previous students, more and more have to work through the choice of postgraduate promotion to pave the way for the workplace, and now the popularity of non full time graduate students for graduate school who provides a "gold" convenience.

how much do graduate students earn more than undergraduate students?

" to study graduate students, it takes a lot of cost.

currently, the tuition of our academic graduate students is mostly between 8000-12000 yuan / year, and applied postgraduate school

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