The problem: can squeeze into the subway, and the town place clothes, how to choose?

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original title: century problem: can squeeze into the subway, and the town place clothes, how to choose?


for this period

1 at the end of the year, the first choice of these items,

The fabric is very important


(3) point to the point of bling bling element


Before the

start, let's come to to vote for : is it necessary to invest in a big price at the head of the annual meeting (party / party)?

in accordance with the former concept of Miss pancake, must not want to SAY YES!!! This small bitch contests occasions, no blessing will lose rmb! The more expensive, the better, you can't wear the diamond.

but, according to the Real Simple magazine in the United States, this investment is an unnecessary for .

Real Simple is a very famous American lifestyle magazine, founded in 2000,

's idea of buying and buying on this kind of line should be that is saving money instead of investing in . And this sentence is not random. The first source came from the fashion Godfather Tim Gunn. The reason is very simple: because you can't wear several times.

Tim Gunn is a "great" figure completely in the United states. I've been teaching and visiting fashion dramas at Parsons college, including sex and the city, gossip girl and ugly Betty. They are co hosts with Hai Ma as Project Runway (one of the originals of fashion reality show).

actually, most female stars take part in the Oscar and golden ball red carpet dresses. They are all the stylists looking for the brand public relations. Unless the is enough, or the award is , the brand may pay for you, or send it to you.

left: 97 years of Oscar, Nicole put the Dior on the red carpet, Dior paid her $2 million; right: 15 years of Oscar, Lupita inlaid with more than 6000 pearls Calvin Klein, at the end of the ceremony before long it was stolen


Kara Natalie, who was married in 13 years, was wearing this Chanel high , which was sent by granny Xiang. The first wear was on the Party BAFTA award in 2008 and later on to Serious Fun Gala. 1 skirts, 5 years, 3 kinds of wear method, can be said that the utilization rate is very high.

So, back to the point. For us, what kind of clothes do not have to spend a great price, but also the town wherever he goes, not wearing a throw away?


preferred these

As the

saying goes, choosing the right style is half the success. Every year to Oscar, small to a variety of fashion Party, there are always a few pieces of the red carpet resident honored guests ~ so, the choice of the first choice of these lines.


1 /


fashion circles all understand the unspoken rule: for formal occasions, when you don't know what to wear, choose a version of !

just finished COSMO Fashion Festival, Li Bingbing (Badgley Mischka), Yang Mi (Dolce& Gabbana), Carina Lau (Saint Laurent) chose the


actually, the first came from a classic Italy movie La Dolce Vita (sweet life). To play the main Anita almost all sorts of little black dress wearing over. So, it has another name, La Dolce Vita Rules.

Two days ago

BFA (British Fashion Awards), beaver wore a simple strapless satin black dress. No one can see that the skirt comes from Topshop, and the original price is only 75 pounds.

from the Topshop Unique series

This is why

limited budget, version is always a cocktail party or the annual meeting of the . With a high quality, never make a mistake, but also a sense of quality. With the change of design and version , different effects can also be presented.

fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, a man she took out 100 little black dress

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