10 years after the most unyielding children, that is this! No wonder you didn't remind you

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original title: 10 years after the most unyielding children, that is this! No wonder you didn't remind you of

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offended one of her first cousins, my mother put me in front of "no relatives," taste ", and then look down on people" in front of my home and relatives said: "grandma is not a leg, when she was young to come to my house, I have to give her to eat cookies. Now a long job, even a busy no help, a white wolf a... "

cause things, her daughter Xiaohui graduated from college this year, to hear our company, I would like to help arrange a job to do.

after the meeting, I asked: "I heard you are practicing a book publishing company, is not very good, why do you want to change?"

"Hi, a month to send more than 2500 points, a small mistake and buckle the money! I want to change a lot of work. "

"you improve your ability to improve, and wait until the correction is slowly coming up? Maybe it can be promoted. "

"you do not know, we were a bunch of middle-aged men, old woman, are promoted when the head of it, I get them?"

"now a lot of college students, do not want to want to do something?"

"with the wind make a shop selling mask last year, no one to buy, went bankrupt...... It's too much effort. I don't want to touch it again. "

"is also very suitable for graduate examination institutions, while there is learning the warm strength!"

several dialogues, and I almost found out the child's present state. The company is not I a person, so I really can't hire a lazy person and full of complaints.

I declined so Xiaohui, also rather baffling offended their home, it led to the beginning of the article.

an unyielding child who wants both success and no effort.

I just at that moment, a state with almost always envious of others Xiaohui, high wages and good shoes, bags, but others can't eat the bitter.

, so, in 2 years of graduation, I changed 6 jobs.

the first job is to teach English in a tutoring school. After a few weeks I found that this school is good hate, pay more than 1 thousand points, not only to teach the children, but also for the office of a pile of errands, simply walk away.

second jobs, is a consultant in a school, do two things: every morning to the school gate, one by one to publicize our courses to parents; afternoon nest in a crowded office, the telephone marketing course.

this job is rejected, homely food being scolded, I really can not stand or walk away.

third jobs, which were proofread at the publishing company. The company requires two copies of the manuscript must be the same, so we glare every day, a word and one word to see, even half a punctuation mark can not be wrong.