The welfare | we personally climbed the Mount Qomolangma and prepared 100 postcard to you!

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original title: welfare | we personally climbed the Mount Qomolangma and prepared 100 postcard to you!

climb Mount Everest is very small, because most people are afraid of death will freeze to death, will not be exhausted, will not hypoxia, will die poor...... So 99% people don't dare to covet the height of Mount Everest.

but actually, we really feel good...


Mount Everest in visible speed to us on par with the October 2005 Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, Mount Everest announced a new height of 8844.43 meters, 8848.13 meters high than in 1975 released nearly 4 meters, so long as you live long enough, the summit of Mount Everest is not possible.

" as zero climber experience, let's take a step forward for you to see where Mount Everest is sacred.

- 4998 m -




Mount Everest beginning is amazing, " , 4998 meters above sea level, the water is blue.

- 5000 m -

> Tingri County

Tingri County Post Office

a county town at the foot of the Chinese side of Mount Everest, with an average altitude of 5000 meters, still can receive parcels and letters.

Mount Qomolangma National Park entrance


, to a little easier, but not so fast to see Mount Everest zhenrong. From Tingri county to Mount Everest park gate to Mount Everest (Mount Everest headquarters starting point about 3 hours) and over .

some sections are more dangerous, and are also shocked by the scenery along the road, but in a word, it is still barren, and continues to stretch the barren.

> until there are several white houses, which are striking, and there is a permanent population.

- 5210 m -

the pass

, is on the preheating in front of the Mount Everest, also saw 4 seat 8000 meters above the mountain 5 in the morning starting from Tingri County, can see spectacular Rizhao Jinshan scene. Of course we are, we revel in the Buddha game player.

this tablet just corresponds to the mountain in the distance, the Mount Qomolangma and the other 3.