The more "messy" the hair is, the more fashionable it is. Yes! Yang Mi is addicted!

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original title: the more "messy" hair is, the more fashionable? Yes! Yang Mi is addicted!

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every day.

and to the end of the year, various kinds of activities to make the season almost become the other female star awards season, was dazzled! Everyone's hair and shape are different, I feel that a pair of eyes can't see ~

in numerous star shape, "messy" special hair suction eye, casual and fashionable, looks really nice super Meng Meng Da, by age. And feel the power of the power of this hairstyle has been unable to stop, this is often the appearance of hair.

messy half meatball head has a high rate of appearance, and all kinds of modeling do not violate. Whether it is gorgeous evening dress or simply T, the matching degree is quite high.

this leave a little hair, the baby's sense of innocence. And not let the hair stick to the scalp, but also modify the face shape, and... It seems a little more hair...

is the same as the ordinary ball head, is not a big difference?

Wu Xin

Wu Xin with long hair. The latest hairstyles were also stunning.

light hair color really suits her, with a half balls and broken hair knock wood look.

and the previous modeling has not been the same day, clothing promotion is not a little bit. It is important to say "to say" to a stylist.

Liu Yifei

fairy sister beauty wayward, what good-looking hair just fried. The occasional disorderly hairstyle is really amazing.

the magazine film is always such a hairstyle, not good looking, feeling that the immortals are going to float up.

although originally a simple tie balls head is very nice, but such LuanLuanDe more fashionable.

Victoria Song

Victoria Song actually face is short board, the forehead is particularly large, but a little messy hair, forehead a little more than a little hair, well cover the small flaws.

messy hair is in fact free and without losing the sense of modeling, is not a lot of eye.

than the neat smooth forehead as nuns, or more of a mess fan.