Can't Chinese people rent a car directly in Italy? The old driver takes you for a ride

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original title: Chinese people can't rent a car directly in Italy? The old driver takes you to play

American white-collar workers often say is: my dream is to save money to buy a house in Italy, Tuscany, all kinds of grapes, drink a little wine, old age.

Italy is the world's first series of natural scenery, art, humanities and history. Every year, countless people fly to the ancient country from all over the world, leaving behind good memories in their lives.

then, is the trip to Italy self driving or public transportation?

The advice of

old drivers of roses is that public transport can be used if the number of trips is small, or if it is only in a big city. Because the railway system in Italy is very developed, the train between large cities is very convenient, it can basically achieve seamless docking.

, but many people like me to like the way of free travel or to visit some unpleasant destinations, so let's rent a car to any place they want to go.

1, about documents:

some domestic institutions claim that the so-called "international driver's license" is false, because China is not a Contracting Party of the United Nations Convention on road traffic, that is to say, China has no international driver's license. Don't ignore any car rental company claims the "agent certificate" or "notary license", by public documents or so-called "international license certification" in some car rental companies can be mentioned in the car, but once found out by the police or traffic accidents, as driving without a license, heavy penalty!

On the official website of the Embassy of Italy in Italy, the only legal formalities for the Chinese people to drive in Italy were already shown on the official website of the Italy Embassy in China.

application for translation certification time: from Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. -12.

Material required for


(1) passport original, front page and copy of visa page.

(2) the original driver's license, the driver's license plate and the side page, and the three copies on a sheet of paper.

(3) passport translation: the official template is downloaded, adding personal information and the validity period (Italian).

2, about car renting:

2.1, about reservations:

The common

including Hertz Hertz, Avis AVIS, Europecar, sixts and other car rental companies, can also book in some domestic agency website.

2.2, about the car:

Europe attaches great importance to environmental protection, the automatic car is less and more expensive. If you can skillfully operate manual gear, it is recommended not to choose automatic gear, because the price will be much cheaper, and more cars can be selected.

but if you are a female driver like me, it is still a real choice, because some of the mountain roads are narrower, and the road around the island is more.

in Italy, the most rented models are Fiat 500, diesel cars, power and low oil prices, economic benefits. More important is that it is the most classic model in Italy, and it is often seen on the country road in Tuscany.

car renting is all model group. That is to say, take the car, may not be able to mention the rental car, because the car may have adjustment, but the general allocation will not be lower than the next single model.

2.3, about the return car:

if you hire a car at the airport, pay attention to whether the location of the car is in the airport. There are small car rental companies whose service outlets are just near the airport and need to take public transport by themselves.

The need to provide

for car formalities: my passport, my name's international credit card (Master or Visa can be pre authorized (as) a fee as the deposit freeze, put the car after the lifting of the car, the car line) English certificate printing parts (booking car will generate the PDF file).

most of the European cars are full of oil and car, full of oil and car. If the tank is dissatisfied when the car is returned, the car rental company will charge more than the ordinary gas station.


takes the car, be sure to check the vehicle carefully. If there is a scratch, it must be explained to the staff, in the contract, to avoid the return of the car.

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