Two rounds of harrow's bike in one month: reveal Ali's anxiety about the entrance to the payment

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original title: harrow bike one month melts two rounds: reveal Ali's anxiety to the entrance of payment

On the morning of 27

12, the harrow announced the completion of the 1 billion yuan RMB D2 round financing, the Fuxing lead investment, the GGV (the US source capital) and so on.

it is worth noting that, as recently as 4 this month, has just completed a single Hello D1 $350 million round of financing, the investor is the ant gold clothing, cars, and Fujitec Weimaraner became the capital of a number of investment institutions and industrial capital source, capital acted as exclusive financial advisor.

insiders said to Lei Feng network that the two rounds of financing, is actually a complete, sub - release. "So far, there are too many variables to share the single car industry, so we have chosen a more stable way."

shared a Aihong and bicycle industry slump in the second half of 2017, frequent high-profile Hello bicycle, it is rather striking. Behind the , it is mainly the resources of the Ali department, as well as the dense layout of Ali in a single car payment scene.

harrow single vehicle (Shanghai Jun Net Technology Co., Ltd.) and Yongan line relationship map

Ali's heavy harrow

Hello bicycle (Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.), was established in March 2016, November began to put on the vehicle, the co-founder and COO of South Korea and the United States had Ali in work for 10 years, in charge of Alipay international business card; CTO Jiang Wei served in Taobao, Ctrip, the team can be said to have countless contact with ali.

2017 in the evening of October 24th, Yongan announced on the official website, "recently I company shares of the company in Jiangsu Yongan Low Carbon Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the" low carbon "technology), and Shanghai Junzheng network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as" Junzheng technology ") signed the agreement, agreed to low carbon the science and technology Shanghai Junzheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake in , the future of low carbon science and technology business Junzheng merge. Shanghai Jun net science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in sharing the single car business, the brand is the harrow bike.

later, harrow bicycle claimed that its founder Yang Lei will take the post of CEO of the new company, and the new company's actual business will be responsible for the harrow cycling team.

announced the merger of the internal open letter, Yang Lei stressed the ants -- Yongan gold suit low carbon currently the second largest shareholder, Yang Lei said, "this is not the acquisition, but the merger, Yongan, gold suit and harrow cycling ants are held shares in the new company, the new company's actual business is still in charge of harrow team."

Ali adds Yongan to

Lei Feng network access to public information was informed that in March of this year, the Yongan bank announced that on the eve of its sprint IPO, Yongan signed a "termination agreement" with low carbon technology and Ali ant clothing, ending the investment of ant clothing to low-carbon technology.

9 month, Yongan bank shared a single car to obtain 810 million yuan financing, from deep venture, Shanghai Yunxin and other leading investment, the Yongan line of shares dropped to 38.17%. And Shanghai Yunxin, belonging to the Zhejiang ant small micro financial service group Limited by Share Ltd wholly owned holding company, that is, belongs to the Ali department.

12 month 3 days, Yongan once again issued a notice, said Yongan shares of low carbon technology and listed companies in Shanghai, Shanghai old Ji Yun Xin and other investors signed the "capital agreement", agreed Shanghai Xin, Shanghai cloud age millet and other listed companies in addition to outside investors, common in low carbon technology capital of RMB 2 billion 304 million 140 thousand yuan.

nine months, between Yongan and Ali, the cold and hot alternate and interlaced.

currently, Shanghai Yunxin has held more than 5% of the shares of the Yongan bank, which is a related legal person of the listed company. According to the announcement, if the increase is completed and the listed companies give up the right to increase the capital, the proportion of the listed companies in Yongan holding low carbon science and technology will fall to 11.9267%. At that time, Shanghai Yunxin will hold 32.0467% stake in low carbon technology with 26869682 yuan, in other words, Ali will get more voice in Yongan's sharing bicycle projects.

Ali's anxiety about the entrance to payment

in April 22nd this year, ofo announced the acquisition of small yellow car ant gold service strategic investment, both in payment, credit, and other areas to carry out internationalization deepen strategic cooperation; in July 6th, ofo announced the completion of a small yellow car more than $700 million of new financing, joint investment led by Alibaba, Hony capital and CITIC Industrial Fund, travel and DST continue to drop with the vote; in December, sources revealed to the media, ofo small car to finalize a new round of financing, Alibaba group participation, behind Ali Softbank may also have piled into the office.

and ofo as the yellow car with a shared bicycle field as one of the top two Mobell, behind the Tencent. But note that between ofo and the v-mobile contest, but Ali is not only with the Tencent's struggle for balance

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