Qi Wei Angelababy, Zhuangshan n, is actually to get dressed as a bear!

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original title: Qi Wei Zhuangshan, Angelababy n, was to get dressed as a bear!


sisters, today to share with you a good gay friend of the family of skinner! Are you wrapped in a bear or a bear in winter?

steak coat

we are an evil and fashionable organization that has gone all over the world.

winter solstice!

, so it means cold at the beginning of the meaning

the most red coat of this year is not Teddy Bear coat, and the velvet fabric is warm and soft. It's the fun of wearing a teddy bear coat without taking a thin and beautiful line this year.

although it is a burst, but the star does not mind. The actress frequently zhuangshan. Qi Wei, Angela Baby, Liu Tao, Hai Qing, Bea Hayden, Ni Ni and so on.

the temperament of a teddy coat is still necessary. Liu Tao made a big film in the same color system, a red lip super beautiful.

Angela Baby made a Max Mara overcoat when he gave the UGG blockbuster. The cowboy coat and the snow boots were echoed with the lamb's hair. The light is the picture and it feels warm.

since the same type of coat, collocation is very important. Hai Qing is the most likely to wear. The whole set of white knitted suits looks fashionable and not overstaffed.

Ni Ni

teddy bear's coat is not only "brown bear color". The same style and Chinese red, also very nice, just hard to wear.

like Ma Sichun's red wear. Although it is also a Chinese red, it is also a routine for her to wear the literature and art model.

this value can only Di Ali Gerba Yan put the red coat Tactic bear cute little Japanese Harajuku girls feel.

the same color system is most advanced.

with fashionable sports shoes, wear out and wear a casual feeling of going out.

can also match the popular corduroy wide leg trousers that are popular this autumn and winter. The tapered color of the same color system, the fashionable essence all wears this.

although this coat doesn't make you look thin at all. But the thin sister paper can wear a medium length. Take the skirt or knee boots.

net socks are not popular, but the style is bold, but the sister paper can also try, or match other patterns of socks, and wear Teddy Bear out of its own style.