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local chess cards have been on fire for a long time since last year. If you walk through the streets when he noticed, must have found a lot of people in the streets and lanes restaurant, with mobile phone cross screen playing games. Some of them are playing with the glory of the king, but some of them are playing the local characteristics of mahjong. The heat of local chess and cards, even NetEase, 360, etc. have also joined them, such as the first local chess and card game "NetEase Chengdu chess card", which was launched in October.

local board a ferret local market value

one, the popularity of chess cards is very wide. Among them, mahjong, one of the quintessence of Chinese culture, is not only a competitive event, but also one of the entertainment ways of the square dance. Therefore, most game player groups chess game users are online game users, "statistical report" shows that the Internet development situation Chinese, domestic network game user scale by June 17 has reached 422 million, and the other is a market survey shows that about 62% users of the online game as the chess game player.

at the same time, the rate and retention of chess game is the best performance in hand travel. The data show that the rate of chess game payment is 3.77%, and the next day, seven days and month retention rate is also ahead of many other mainstream games.

Second, the vertical development of hand travel is the trend of the past two years. In the comprehensive hand travel market, the game developers who are hard to match the giants are trying their best to excavate every subdivision area, and the local chess is one of them. Although the emergence of chess and hand games can be traced back to a long time ago, the national chess cards were also monopolized by a large number of enterprises such as Tencent and Boya. However, when the national chess market has been nearly saturated, the local chess market is still a small and beautiful treasure that has not yet been developed.

Chinese vast territory, different provinces of the residents living habits and the way of chess in the process of communication is derived from a variety of new gameplay features and titles, such as mahjong mahjong, mahjong is divided into Sichuan Guangdong and so on. Even more, in a single province, the game of chess and cards can continue to be subdivided by the county.

but local board users are mainly from small and medium-sized city and rural areas, this part of the user's past as coverage rate is low, the demand of decentralized, regional characteristics of chess needs has not been satisfied in the national chess game, and national chess for them also increase the cost of re learning. It is conceivable that local chess and cards can be excavated in a wide range.

> the third, the average profit of chess and card games is high, according to statistics, about 40%, 16 years of mobile chess game market size reached 2 billion 800 million. This year the limelight to mahjong only four months will turnaround, bought by the Kunlun World Wide Web to the price of 2 billion yuan, so that developers and investors to see the success of the local market to tap the value of chess, chess in the local free after springing general broke.

from the random match to the acquaintance board, the local chess game to usher in the gold rush

although called local chess, but mainly to "brand", such as mahjong, landlords, partly because the game most of the learning cost is high, such as chess, chess is not easy to learn, user groups as card games; on the other hand, the game did not explore viable profit model.

local board can be divided into two modes, one is the random matching model, also known as the gold pattern, the earlier emergence and joy landlords and other national chess the same pattern, after entering the game, game player can randomly start the game room, mainly focus on online game operation by selling virtual currency earnings. The local chess and card APP of partial random matching mode also has the setting of integral exchange in kind.

another is free last year by the first acquaintance about administration mode, also known as real mode, is pushing local popular chess. The housing card mode is based on acquaintance route. Players need to buy room cards to create game rooms, and invite friends to join them by sharing WeChat, micro-blog and other social platforms or copying room numbers to friends, and earn profits by selling room cards. The mode of the card is like moving the chess and card room on the line, so it has the advantages of the online chess and card games and the offline chess and card rooms.

players can play with their friends at anytime and anywhere, or about their hometown relatives and friends to play a few local characteristic linen.

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