Christmas cake roll

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original title: Christmas cake roll

early on with girl said, if you want to remember what gift early wrote to Santa Claus, otherwise he cannot receive timely also will not be able to prepare their own love for Christmas, but she said What one says is plausible.: Mom, Santa's reindeer riding to the "zoom", so there is no need to I'm going to bed early preparation, write to him again, this is a little mystery.

Christmas Eve with a little girl who worked with a group of children, from blowing balloons, tablecloths, Christmas gift to a little bit to put under the Christmas tree, each of which is full, play this way, the end also receive a small gift for friends, flattered.

children like the festival, any festival, love to make fun of. I always feel that life needs ritual, whether it's making up or being refined. It's entirely dependent on the way of life. Therefore, girls like to celebrate festivals, and we will live with them and not be able to live.