Refusing to hit the down jacket, I only want these 5 fashionable and personalities small brands this year!

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not have to say what Canada Goose ear is a true love, a few days ago in the micro-blog show a white goose!

but you don't white jacket and ball Hoodie lovely, instantly make fairy looks warm and lovely.

did not know how this was the first part of the goose, and the next time she saw her, she was going to have a good question.

heard that Canadian police suggest that people wearing Canada Goose have become the new target of robbery! Because you're wearing a goose like "I'm rich" on your forehead.

Canada Goose is a school uniform for Canadian students. Schools have reminded students to reduce their wear, and now they go to Canada goose store to buy clothes. Sales will warn you to be careful to be stolen or robbed. Even Herm s has this effect!

, when many people wear their down jacket season, they only have Canada Goose and Moncler two down coats. Today, I will come to you with you.



talks about the style of the down jacket in recent years.

this two street believe you must have seen, two big lapels and a plaid ribbon, irregular design with a strange sense of style and not an ordinary wear down jacket.

these two down coats are all from the Marques'Almeida, which was awarded the British design prize in 2014. It is famous for tailoring, specializing in asymmetric design, and is not a special minority brand in a strict sense.

There is a yearning of madness and momentum in the works of Almeida

Marques', a unique sense of design to let it down in the autumn and winter show 16 years of fame.

from the Fashion Week Street can not figure it, the design of warm and steal the spotlight is simply fine fashion favorite!


profile of the bigger the better, the better the more bright color, large and long pin ribbon, Marques'Almeida jacket is really how to exaggerate how.

if you have confidence in your fashionable air, the brown warmth will not be exaggerated, and you can try it. It's not a great deal to make a discount now!


Lenki Lenki

The sound of the name of

Lenki Lenki is very cute, in fact, the word Lenki is derived from the Tungusic peoples of Eastern Siberia. It conveys the unruly but warm spirit of the nomadic people.

abandoned the silhouette of the overstaffed down jacket, instead of "Michelin man style" with a strong sense of structure. This brand of the last two years of fame, Ma Sichun not long ago through a purple taro.

Lenki Lenki jacket looks very supple, a total of three short in size, short of money is this year's hottest bread down jacket.

come with a long section of the same color belt, so you can wear a jacket with a slim waist.

Lenki Lenki's color matching is also a colorful place. It's like overturning the artist's sleepy color palette, lavender, flamingos and so on. You can't expect to use the color on the down coat, so that you can easily stand out in the black and white winter street.

this year's big heat

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