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original title: General Assembly votes on China Rohingya people voted against the


the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution urging the government of Burma to stop the persecution of Rohingya people. The resolution was voted overwhelmingly by 122 votes in favour, 10 in opposition and 24 abstentions in Sunday's vote. China and Russia have voted against them.


filed by the organization of Islamic cooperation resolution urges the government of Burma to allow international aid workers into the areas of conflict, and called on the Burma authorities to allow exiled Rohingya refugees to return to Burma, giving their full citizenship. In addition, the resolution also requested the Secretary General of the United Nations special envoy Guterres appointed Rohingya new problem, the crisis will have problems such as Syria as special envoy of the UN official mediation.

Rohingya refugee crisis since the outbreak in August, many Rohingya people were forced to flee their homes in Burma. The United Nations refugee agency estimates, there have been more than 65 refugees seeking asylum in Welland Xingya Bangladesh, constitute a serious humanitarian crisis.

Burma authorities said the military action against extremist militants rohingya. But so far, Burma authorities do not allow any international or independent media agency staff, arrived in Rakhine state to track down the truth or to provide humanitarian assistance.

The United States will

violence to locate the Rohingya people as "ethnic cleansing". The United States House of Representatives earlier this month also passed a resolution expressed severe condemnation, and called on the government of Burma leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burma military cooperation on humanitarian assistance and reconciliation.

China insists that Rakhine issue is Burma's internal affairs, the international community should not complicate the issue.

Although the resolution of the

general assembly has been approved by up to 122 countries, it reflects the high concern of the international community to this humanitarian crisis, but this resolution is not binding. return to the Sohu, see more


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