This winter, an excellent coat is the girl's facade

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sweatshirt, was tied, become a fashion insider blacklist of resident guests and long johns. But this winter, the feathers like a salted fish turn over and pop up suddenly.

big show" appeared the figure of down coat.

Fashion Week Street pat

the jacket on rate is high -

you really want to try to get to

others' down coat is street fashion, but wearing on you will be a fashion disaster that will make you 200 pounds per second.

> you do you think " down coat can also be nice and still warmer than coat?" is right.

doesn't! Yes! A! A! Wear! Method! Is! Protect! Warm! The!

or show a shoulder, even if the down coat is thick, it looks beautiful.


or all in grin, showing the inside of

in a down jacket, you also have to expose your leg to the navel


keeping??? It doesn't exist!

down clothes for them, only accessories like the existence of

is especially in formal occasions, a coat can raise the temperament, which is unparalleled in the feathers -



Miroslava one of the gang of four Russian socialite Duma, although has been called a model little dress, but also when there are mistakes --

in her down jacket, she is a passer-by to the fashion week;

but as long as the coat is replaced, it will instantly become the focus of the lens --





From: 这个冬天,一件优秀的大衣才是女生的门面
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