If you have a mobile phone, why do you want to buy a watch?

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original title: there is a mobile phone, why do you want to buy a table?

over the past one hundred years, wristwatches still show the style of the latest, coolest and most tasteful men. And the watch is the most expensive of all the men's accessories. Some people think that "watch is the second card of a man". Why do you say that?

has a mobile phone, calendar, alarm clock, timer with anything, buy a watch is to get what? Although love is sincere and valuable, VERTU price is higher, but as a man, this watch still has to buy! Why don't Apple have a Apple Watch?

put on the neck of the gold chain off it, even if you have no knowledge, meaning, it will only sell your gold nouveau riche ("vulgar, coarse and chains are the same). The most Man men have only two ornaments: a wedding ring and a watch. Tell you secretly, the graceful posture of the wrist is the trick of the second sister paper. No one will notice if you match well, but if you wear a suit and CASIO electronic watch, everyone will stare at you. It's not surprising.

How many people in the

plan to play A shares, and finally have been broken by the A shares. Instead of buying a watch last year, it's better to really buy a watch. Keep the value, be sure! For example, Rolex, a price one year, he went to Beijing to the counter to ask, the cabinet will whine sister: roll their eyes tell you: Sam, green ghost price 70000, scheduled for half a year, also do not have to

simply needs?

the simple need for me to understand is to watch the time as a watch itself, but no one simply needs a watch to see the time. A sister said to me, "I want to buy a watch to make you feel that I have good taste." I thought I understood her needs and recommended many watches to her, which she didn't like. In fact, that is not the case, because she is the opposite of "little bitch hit" buy a Longines, she wants a outshoneby to watch. To tell the truth, this recessive demand, if you don't know it, I really can't guess.

shows its own taste?

this is a series of people think, "I choose to watch is different from others, money I have, I also want to taste". I think since that, then I do not recommend too vulgar, not bad money, to buy a little public brand is also good. The first recommended Palma Jonny, which is the standard of the niche brand, love recommended TONDA dress, the recommended BUGATTI and PERSHING believe that buy this brand no one said you have no taste, only say that what brand introduction. Absolute high-end atmosphere level, low-key luxury has connotation, is a win-win situation.

unfortunately, maybe it was a good idea, and they chose the big brands. The reason is not difficult to understand, we all buy this brand, I have to buy, anyway, wearing the watch is not for myself to see.....

just like?

this type of people, is really a friend, need simple, although not clear, but the general direction of grasp, not so what moth. It happened that I had a friend who wanted to buy the table. After knowing his budget, we went around the afternoon. The table is very simple, in fact, is to see the style, constantly try, finally chose a Hamilton watch. He doesn't know much about brand, nor does he value technology. He just wants to pick his favorite in the budget. To tell the truth, I haven't helped anything. I'll help you with the price, and look at the current market.

, when many men buy watches, they often have habit of thinking "one step at a time, one step at a time", because they can not only see time, but also represent a kind of identity and value. As a hedge, they are also a good investment. So how should a junior player choose a watch?