Zhoushan fish on the CCTV? It's "black material" I haven't been exposed yet!

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original title: Zhoushan fish and CCTV? It's "black material" I haven't been exposed yet!

two days, the people of Shengsi, Zhoushan people's circle of friends, is not to be scraper? See many of my friends are in Zhoushan this CCTV forwarding seafood ", let Sheng Tsai also excited for a long time! But Sheng Zi found a small problem, we Zhoushan is on CCTV hairtail, but not pro, recently, last year! Sheng Zi to cctv.com confirmed over the 16 years, 2 sets of CCTV "consumer advocate" in December 7th, it played the "winter aquatic market survey --" for nearly 30 minutes of hairtail, the length of time to carefully explain the Zhoushan octopus . It's about who loved us deeply in Zhoushan hairtail. We accidentally missed the time. But we have to say that we have brought the heat to Zhoushan again.

2016 "

" December 7th CCTV consumer advocate

play "winter aquatic market survey - Fish"

Zhoushan belt fish secret many

Zhoushan fish, in fact, it is the Yan value explosion table

but friends, do you know how to describe the fish in the Qing Dynasty's "sea fault map"? "The hope is like the arsenal, the sword is strict, the light glint", it is about the fish. If you don't believe that the hairtail fish can have such a silver and shining high value, go to Shengsi and go out with the boat for a sea, whether in the daytime or at night, and catch the fish from the sea, you will know that it has been wrong for many years. A whole fish, such as smooth lines, smooth fish, Canruo silver, bright, reflects the sea diffuse light, shining Huaguang, is amazing. Let people sigh, the original fish can be so beautiful!