The autumn and winter weather is dry, eating these kinds of food, family less sick!

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every fall, hospital paediatrics will be filled with children. On the one hand, it is caused by a sudden cooling of the weather, a cold and fever caused by the decrease of the baby's resistance. On the other hand, the children will suffer from excessive cough, weakness of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea and constipation in autumn because of the dry autumn.

"> autumn is suitable for moistening the lungs to dryness and regulating the spleen and stomach to enhance the resistance. It's right in the fall to save enough energy to meet the cold winter, ~

autumn lotus root

folk had "a treasure lotus, autumn Lotus' s fill". In autumn, it is the city of fresh lotus root should be. The weather is dry, eat lotus root, can play the role of Runzao thirst. At the same time, the lotus root is rich in dietary fiber. It is also beneficial to the treatment of constipation and the discharge of harmful substances.

how to choose?

seven holes of lotus root starch content is higher, less water, waxy and not brittle, suitable for soup; nine holes lotus root high water content, crisp, juicy, salad or fried the most appropriate.

of yam

spring temperature supplement, summer cool supplement, autumn moistening. Autumn eat yam, spleen and stomach, can play the role of yifeizhike.


eating pear in autumn can moisten lung and relieve cough, nourishing yin and clearing heat. Although pear can clear heart and moisten the lung but the sex cold, so the body cold, cold cough should not be eaten raw, the pear boiled into the soup to reduce its cold, moistening the effect of clear fire better.

how to choose?

different kinds of winter pears are not the same degree, as we eat the Tianjin pear, pear and pear cold almost, and rough skin and import sand pear, is more cold.


eat more white food in the fall to keep the lungs. In addition to the previous introduction of the yam, and lily of this food Oh, Lily sweet, micro bitter, sexual cold, nourishing Yin moistening lung, clear heart and tranquilizing effect.



tofu contains rich protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin folic acid, unsaturated fatty acid, and cholesterol, known as "plant meat, tofu with heat and dryness, thirst, help digestion, complement the role of Qi and blood.

autumn diet principle

nutrition balance is always the most basic dietary principle no matter what season.

eat spicy food, eat less fried greasy food, do not eat cold food.

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