Which male star is qualified to be the male version of the airport Street pat - Yang Mi?

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original title: which male star is qualified to be the male version of the airport Street pat - Yang Mi?

male star airport may shoot, more exciting than female star


> the battle field of female stars is full of smoke, and the struggle between is also brilliant. Today we take a look at , in effect China steel straight culture, Han Guodong gates fake fashion boy and hip-hop fashion dress trend:

which Chinese male star's airport modeling can be brilliant

became the male version Yang Mi?

Chao brand heap full of

Du Haitao

fast the group of elderly people in the happy camp, they don't want to spend more time on the variety show, they always think about running into fashion circles all day long.

has even in the program group also nobody cares about the weather sister Wu Xin, have transformed fashion fairy, a variety of fashion week boduantui -

looked at everyone in the progress of Du Haitao also invited a female star queen embarrassed airport photographer, only for

war with their other fashion to the airport

, what is Du Haitao's fashion belief?

fashion is no matter ugliness and ugliness

what to wear -

let's first look at the first stop of Du Haitao's fashion. Although the first battle took pose slightly stiff, but from his appearance go with head high and chest out we still can see him on this one, look is very satisfactory.

recently very fire pajamas wind, has been fast collocation Paris World Festival package, what fashion elements are , but Du Haitao still looks like a newly released sick hospital, special Yun home and parents have a happy year -


and Du Haitao's meeting with the fashion American man Guo Jingming is more evidence of a folk truth -

like fashion boys like to play a piece of.

this package he has more than one swiftly, Kung Fu Du Haitao back up another Balenciaga Blanket, a moment like fashion fairy possessed, immediately put a pose -

"Mom and Dad, I finished this group of fashion blockbusters to catch up with the Spring Festival transportation,


you must wait for me to eat the night dinner! "