The free eating chicken Tencent to the "Jedi survival" players is a poison?

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has not been at all idle on the topic of publicity and manufacture since the Tencent was announced to be the agent of the "Jedi survival" state suit. Not long ago, we set up a "Jedi survival service and anti outsourcing group". We shouted the words "you dare to hang up and hang up," and even dropped the plug-in production team with the police. However, the argument over there has not been reduced, and recently the attention of the public has been focused on the price of national clothing.

12 22 afternoon, serving the country's "survival" Jedi official micro-blog launched a vote, asking "look forward to the national service pricing game player is very much", the micro-blog is a domestic chicken game player instantly raged, although most people do not think that the Tencent will comply with the voting results to pricing, but still have expressed their views, just 4 days to the time there have been more than 70 thousand users participated in the vote, and the choice of "free" game player up to 42.6%, the number of game player hopes and service level "also reached 38.2%, can be said that the price of 98 yuan (free and that the in China the price Steam) the number of game player has little difference, what is the reason for this situation? For free and charging online games, what is the attitude of the players?

pricing mechanism for foreign platforms

In fact,

, PC game game player pricing has been keen to explore the problem, as the PC platform game giant Steam in game pricing has been elusive, the same game price in different parts of the world will be different, even according to the exchange rate of currency, prices are likely to differ greatly.


PCGAMER website has conducted a survey on the pricing of all parts of the game on Steam. After 7 or 8 years ago, the price of the game was determined by many market research and analysis of the publishers. The price acceptable to players is generally around 60 dollars for the host and PC games. When a game decides the underlying price and is submitted to Steam, Valve will automatically exchange rate according to different regions, and offer a "recommended price". But no one knows what the "recommended price" is through an algorithm, and Valve is not willing to disclose it. According to PCGAMER website guess, it may be based on the current exchange rate, the sales trend of the area, the player's consumption level and other factors. Of course, the game producers can also change the price freely.

Effect of

from value-added tax for the game price does not say, there are two main reasons why PC games of the price gap significantly, a Steam price tends to the local store retail price is two, the currency exchange rate is not stable, especially most of the company will be in the United States market as the standard to determine the dollar the price and then converted into other currencies, if the exchange rate fluctuates drastically, the exchange rate and the game player shelves to buy the game when the exchange rate may appear larger gap. For example, when the manufacturer determines the price, the exchange rate between the US dollar and the pound is 0.58, while when the player buys the game, the exchange rate is 0.69, and the exchange rate difference will directly lead to the price of the players in the UK area will become more expensive when buying the game.

's guess on the pricing of the national costume "Jedi survival"

let us look at the issue of the domestic game platform pricing, although we do not know their pricing algorithm, but with reference to the previous example, serving the country's "watch pioneer" the price of 198 yuan, the service price of about 260 yuan, the "CS:GO" in China the price of 88 yuan but the real name authentication can be downloaded for free, the original price 48 yuan, in addition Tencent just shelves "God dance fantasy", the price of 89 yuan, the upcoming "the hand of fate" original price 48 yuan, according to the reservation number gradually unlock discount. It is possible to guess that the Tencent may also ultimately determine the price of the domestic PC game according to the sales trend of the domestic game and the acceptance of the game price by domestic players.

therefore, 98 yuan in China "Jedi survival" pricing first at least not higher than the service, plus the view in service is paid games, serving the country directly as a free possibility should not. In fact, the players who choose the "free" players in the price fixing vote are not holding the mentality of not playing free. Besides, they are also very clear that even if they are free to download according to Tencent's consistent urine, entering the game is definitely a way of "not charging enough money to become stronger". Judging from the current voting results, players will buy it as long as the national costume price is less than 98 yuan, but there will probably be a lot of people who spray "not even free". (smiling) as support and service price unchanged despite the proportion of game player, is not low, but if the final price set at 98 yuan, it is not difficult to imagine some game player will continue to choose foreign service.

charge to buy o

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