The first Hollywood stars that leave the air in the air at Christmas have begun to become beautiful

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every year to this time, foreign and our domestic spring festival actually has the same custom, change the new hairstyle. New Year, New Hair. from the beginning.

for example, small Taishan Taylor Hill's home just before Christmas to cut a hair with bangs.

her boudoir Romee Strijd followed by a bangs.

the two people in the two months before Shanghai's show is this cut bangs feeling instantly from Victoria Secret Angel into South Korean women's team.

in addition to their outside, another's angel Elsa Hosk also changed the bangs styling, INS is still on the duzui sell adorable photos, three people do not know if this is not in the same salon cut.

the duzui sell adorable girl, two months ago in the show's most Cougar

will use other erotic eyes

in addition to the supermodel circle, the star circle is the same.

Selena Gomez, the first two weeks before the hair was dyed gold, and also changed the style of a Liu.

her hairdresser, Marissa Marino, also announced in Ins, Bangs are back (the bangs came back again).

doubled in recent Hollywood street, many stars and ladies have changed bangs style.

Beverly Hills lady group member Chrissy Teigen (John Legend for a new wife) recently bangs out of the street.

see her with the bangs, you may not remember her long left. is not only thinner, but also not exaggerated to say, young at least ten years old

delta actually these two photos are only a few days time. Left: December 10th; right: December 15th, of course make-up is also very important.

Chrissy this hairstyle is Hollywood socialite hairstylist Jen Atkin to help her design.

Jen Atkin recently indulged in the style of Liu Hai, not only cut his own Liu Hai, but also crazy Amway to all of the stars around. (Kim Kardashian) even chitchatting was designed a bang modelling. PS: change after is lovely chitchatting, people did not recognize

delta left: Jen Atkin; right: Kim Kardashian

Liu Hai's cosmetic effect is most obvious in Blake Lively.

she recently made a new film for the new film, and finally turned the golden long hair that had been left for N years into a black short hair and a bangs style.

new hair made her completely changed the face, suddenly have a little offensive temperament, feeling after the road show is a lot wider